Model Wolford Limited Edition gift packaging

Wolford limited edition gift packaging

Femininity brought to the point: The contents keep what the packaging promises!

  • Wolford AG - Bregenz, Vorarlberg (AT)
  • Fashion piece with casual rivet trend in diamond box
  • Packaging solution perfectly matched to the contents
  • Highest quality materials in harmony with perfect workmanship

Unlimited comfort in different styles Highest quality materials perfectly matched to the contents and perfected.

Founded 66 years ago in the picturesque surroundings of the Austrian shores of Lake Constance, Wolford produces high-quality legwear, intimates and bodywear, ready-to-wear and knitwear as well as accessories with a clear focus: Styles with limitless comfort. Model AG in Au (SG) had the privilege of developing and manufacturing a packaging solution for the "Limited Edition I" - a pantyhose studded with rivets - perfectly matched to the contents.

  • Highest quality packaging solution as diamond box
  • Femininity: Understood and perfectly implemented
  • Wolford style: Design and craftsmanship perfectly combined
  • Sales and marketing from Vorarlberg to the whole of Europe

Mrs Cottier, what is the difference between Wolford and other legwear and bodywear manufacturers?

Wolford distinguishes itself from its competitors through its focus on product innovations and the extremely high quality that characterises the Wolford brand. The knowledge and know-how that Wolford has acquired in its history of almost 70 years is unique.

In order to be successful in the long term, it is important as a company to work with new technologies and create new materials. Wolford is implementing this consistently. The unique quality that distinguishes Wolford begins with the choice of the highest quality yarn and manifests itself in the special processing technology that is still implemented at Wolford's original founding location in Bregenz. Manual quality controls of every single piece during and after the production process guarantee the customer only the best quality.

What has inspired you to create these luxury tights?

The tights were a fashion piece that picked up the casual rivet trend. In the accustomed Wolford style, fashion, design and craftsmanship were perfectly combined in these tights.

Where are they available from?

Since the "Limited Edition I" tights were limited to 699 pieces, they are already sold out and therefore no longer available.

Are you planning further limited editions?

There will also be limited editions in the coming collections. The Diamond Shine Tights will be available from September 2016. The almost invisible seam gluing technology used for the Pure 50 masterpiece melds with the iridescence of 17,500 gold-coloured rivets up to the stay-up height. These tights are particularly soft, thus offering an incredible wearing comfort.

What are your expectations on a packaging supplier?

It is important that the packaging supplier also understands the brand and the product. We therefore expect our packaging suppliers to look into the brand and learn to understand it. This is the only way to find a packaging solution that is satisfactory for both sides. Flexibility and reliability in all areas are also important.

The Diamond Box perfectly rounds off the presentation of this exclusive product and turns it into a consumer magnet. How did Model support you in this packaging project?

Model AG supported us perfectly in every aspect of the project. They understood the product and the femininity behind it and implemented it excellently - from the professional development of the packaging to the very precise implementation and the high level of commitment at all times.

What message should the Diamond Box convey to the consumer?

The packaging is particularly important for every product as it presents the customer with a first impression of its contents. It should pick up the character of the product packaged in it so that the customer understands the product at first glance.

What requirements do you place on the packaging of your products?

Since Wolford products are manufactured with the greatest care and the best materials, it is important that the packaging is also made of extremely high-quality material and is well processed - from the outside and inside. This is the only way it can present the product appropriately. It must also create an experience for the customer, so that he can discern the distinctiveness of the product as soon as it is unpacked. Visually, it must be appealing and explain the product at first glance. Also important: It should be easy to handle, so that the customer does not spend unnecessary time unpacking.

What could Model's team improve on?

From our side there are no suggestions for improvement - Model convinced us absolutely in the cooperation.

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In order to be successful in the long term, it is important as a company to work with new technologies and create new materials.
Katja Cottier
Director Corporate Marketing, Wolford AG
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