Model Swiss Teabox gift packaging

Swiss International Air Lines tea box

A high-quality rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure for the special kind of customer communication.

  • Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., Basel (CH)
  • Special look due to special embossing
  • Special haptics with magnetic closure
  • Board provisions with high-quality packaging solution

Product and service quality As Switzerland's national airline, SWISS stands for the country's traditional values.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland's national airline. It serves 84 destinations in 40 countries worldwide from Zurich, Basel and Geneva. With a fleet of 90 aircraft, SWISS transports some 16 million passengers annually. The high-quality tea box was designed and manufactured together with Model and is used for special occasions in the context of customer communication.

  • FSC-certified raw material
  • Production of several prototypes and alternatives
  • Practical box for secondary use thanks to a magnetic closure

Mr Lüscher, with Model PrimePac you have created the "tea box", a high-quality rigid cardboard box with a magnetic closure. For what purpose and where is it handed over?

We use the box for special occasions within the scope of our customer communication.

As we have already heard, the elaborately produced packaging solution contains carefully selected tea varieties. Why exactly tea?

The high-quality tea of the traditional Swiss company Sirocco is served on board of our aircraft in first class and business class.

How did you come to choose Model as your packaging manufacturer?

Model already produces packaging that we use on board our aircraft. The good experiences have led us to choose Model as supplier for the new article.

What was your briefing to the packaging developers?

We were already using a tea box from another manufacturer and then approached Model as part of a subsequent production need. Our specification was to use the previous box with some modifications. That way Model had a template and also knew which adjustments we wanted.

What was the decisive factor in your decision for a rigid cardboard box, also known as coated packaging? What considerations led to the selection of the noticeably soft coating paper?

The surface feel of the packaging should reflect the high quality of the contents, which is why we decided to use a rigid cardboard box. What's more, this packaging shows our embossed aircraft to particular advantage.

Does the raw material of the packaging also play a role?

The origin of the raw material certainly plays an important role. We attach great importance to the FSC certification in this regard, which ensures the sustainable use of forests.

How many development steps were necessary before you were satisfied with the current solution?

We have discussed several prototypes and variants with our contact person from Model, which he had made for us in each case, before he came to the meeting.

How important was the aspect of a secondary use when choosing the packaging solution?

This aspect had top priority. This is especially reflected when opening and closing the box. The mechanism had to be designed in such a way that the box could actually be used for a practical secondary use, such as storing jewellery. The closure by means of a ribbon was also discussed, but this was not considered practical for the reason given.

How much time has passed between the first sampling and the use of the finished product?

The duration of the entire project phase from the first contact to the first use was approximately seven months.

Would you handle a next project with Model again?

Of course, we would consider Model again for any further packaging projects in the give-away sector.

One of our creeds is: continuous improvement. For this we rely on feedback from our partners. Looking at it from your point of view and your experiences, where do you see potential for improvement for Model?

The collaboration with Model throughout the course of the project was very good. The sales representative always presented the prototypes to us personally on site, so that we were able to ask questions directly. Where I still see potential for improvement is in the communication regarding the delivery date. Before and after this, both the communication between Model and SWISS and the quality of the finished article were excellent.

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The surface feel of the packaging should reflect the high quality of the contents...
Jeff Lüscher
Corporate Supply Management
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