Kägi Good Luck Dispenser transport packaging

Kägi Good Luck Dispenser

For more than 80 years: Swiss quality and production of the popular biscuit and wafer specialities, exclusively in Toggenburg, Switzerland.

  • Kägi Söhne AG, Toggenburg (CH)
  • Biscuit and wafer specialities
  • Sales packaging with viewing window and safety closure
  • All-round service with Copack Plus

Good luck is very easy to enjoy with the Kägi Football Summer 2018 and the special Kägi Winner.

For the football summer of 2018, the Kägi team came up with something very special: the Kägi Winner. As in football, the success of the Kägi Winner is also a team achievement. The team for this project consists of customer, Model AG, corrugated board, solid board (window gluing) and Copack Plus (finishing).

  • Similar basic shape to a trophy with viewing window
  • Opening mechanism with additional carton on front
  • Copack Plus: Packing, sealing and loading
  • Good basis for cooperation with ideal service level

Mr Sax, how did the Kägi Winner idea come about?

Basis was the Good Luck Dispenser manufactured by Model, which has a basic form similar to a trophy. However, the Good Luck Dispenser was significantly higher and, with a price of over CHF 10, unsuitable for such a seasonal product. But we liked the basic format as well as the idea with the viewing window very much, it simply had to become much smaller. Then the idea arose to make a trophy out of it by gluing on an additional front. We wanted to put the trophy together with a game schedule on the packaging and thus launch the football atmosphere. This was very well received by retailers and clearly exceeded our sales expectations.

What requirements did you place on the packaging solution?

Since the basic packaging already existed (Kägi Good Luck Dispenser), the requirements were the same. We wanted a viewing window again so that one can see how many Kägi fret wafers are still left in the package. The safety closure was also improved so that no additional label had to be affixed. A further challenge was the additional cardboard attached on the outside - this must not bend and must be properly glued on.

How did Model satisfy the requirements?

The opening mechanism was a challenge. The Good Luck Dispenser design had the opening on the side. Now an additional carton was planned on the front and so the packaging could not be opened from the side anymore. Model approached us with a suggestion to improve this opening mechanism. The packaging could not be delivered to us with the glued on trophy due to cost reasons. This is the only requirement which Model could not meet.

You have used our Copack Plus service for packaging. What other options have you considered?

There was an option for Model to deliver the packaging with the trophy already glued on. Another possibility was that we would glue the two parts together in-house and then do the packaging. The third variant was to use an external co-packer for gluing on the trophy, for filling and for loading the displays.

Why did you choose our service?

The main reason was that, due to the large quantities, in-house finishing would not have worked for time reasons. Having to glue the two components together was one step too many. In addition, we have already used the Copack Plus service in another project. Back then our products were packaged, sealed, provided with a customer sticker and all displays loaded. We were very satisfied and decided to implement this project in the same manner again.

What made you particularly enthusiastic about the implementation of the Winner with Model?

There is no specific example here. In general, I can say that we got mock-ups very quickly. Especially with the Winner this was crucial so you could get an idea of what it would look like in the end. We have announced our customisation wishes and Mr Tobler brought us new mock-ups very quickly. The processing was uncomplicated and fast. This also applies to projects that have already been implemented. We feel understood, new suggestions are worked out. The interaction works very well.

What do you wish from Model for the further cooperation?

We work with Model on a good basis and are very satisfied with the service level.

Who will be the 2018 Football World Champion?

We are expanding the German market and with the support of our "Kägis" I am betting on Germany. In Switzerland we will probably have to make do with the Kägi Winner.

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We work with Model on a good basis and are very satisfied with the service level.
Pascal Sax
Marketing Manager DACH
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