Model InSmoke Liquid transport packaging

InSmoke Liquid transport packaging

High-quality and attractive transport packaging at the point of sale. Swiss Made Liquids visually highlighted.

  • InSmoke AG - Aadorf, Thurgau (CH)
  • 10 individual packages with an extremely decorative design
  • Five-colour offset printing with additional hot foil printing
  • Refined with matt, gloss and micro textured varnish

Winner of the Swiss Packaging Award Using a high-quality, refined packaging solution for Swiss Made Liquids to create an eye-catcher at the highly competitive point of sale.

The award-winning InShape packaging from InSmoke AG is a high-quality refined solution for liquids for filling e-cigarettes. The enormously attractive tray with 10 individual packages for 10 different liquids in different flavours is a real eye-catcher. With a focus on a functional, decorative design, the packaging visually stands out from the competition worldwide.

  • Accurate functionality thanks to the closure flap as the central element of the packaging
  • InShape packaging for the distribution of 10 individual, nicotine-free liquids
  • Distribution and marketing from Switzerland to the whole of Europe
  • Originally conceived concept was designed and implemented according to the wishes of the customer.

Smoking was yesterday, today is InSmoke

As early as 1963, the American Herbert A. Gilbert applied for a patent for a "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette" that was intended to replace the conventional cigarette with heated, humidified and flavoured air. However, it never went into production. The first vaporiser device as we know it today was developed and marketed by Hon Lik in China as early as 2004. The vaporiser arrived in Europe in 2006 and quickly became popular. A long-time customer gave the team of Hemag Nova AG the idea to invest in this "new" market. And since 2010, the products in Switzerland have been running under the "InSmoke" brand.

In search of your company, Google replied with "Smoking was yesterday, today is InSmoke". How long has this "today" already been going on?

In order to be able to start selling nicotine-free refill liquids, known as liquids, in Switzerland, we had to submit a sales application to the Thurgau cantonal chemist in 2009. At that time the products were still completely unknown there. We therefore only received "permission" after we had submitted a comprehensive concept together with a food lawyer.

How does an e-cigarette work?

The main difference to cigarettes is that our vaporiser devices do not burn tobacco but vaporise a liquid. Burning tobacco produces more than 3,000 pollutants, which do not occur at all during the vaporisation process or in massively lower emissions. According to the UK Public Health Office, e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than classic cigarettes.

The InShape packages that Model AG, Au (SG) produces for your liquids are real gems. How did the design come about?

We have been producing InSmoke liquids in Switzerland right from the start. We are aware that because of this the production costs are higher than in low-wage countries. In order to appeal to more customers, we are therefore increasingly investing in the taste experience and the presentation. Especially with the new InShape packaging we can distinguish ourselves worldwide by making a visual impact.

What is symbolised by the flower that adorns the closure of every package?

The flower is an important element of our word-image brand. The trend towards "healthy" living can be observed in a wide variety of industries - be it food, sport or smoking. Consumers generally demand less harmful alternatives. The green flower should underline these characteristics of our products in colour and trigger a positive feeling.

What do you pay particular attention to when it comes to packaging?

At the point of sale, the packaging determines success or failure: The higher the quality and more attractive the packaging, the sooner the product is purchased.

What requirements must the packaging meet?

We have pursued several objectives with our new packaging. On the one hand, it should clearly visually highlight the quality of our certified "Swiss made Liquids". In addition, it is also a small thank-you to our loyal customers, some of whom have supported us since the foundation of InSmoke AG.

Why is it so important to you that the packaging is highly refined?

The worldwide e-cigarette and liquid market has become so competitive that you have to invest a lot in product and packaging design in order to stand out visually from the competition. A further important aspect for us is that we refer to the label "Swiss made" for liquids and thus clearly refer to quality. We invest a lot of time and money in the analysis and further development of our products.

How did the Model team support you in this?

Particularly in the area of testing the feasibility of our wishes, we were always well advised and, if difficulties arose, supported creatively and in a solution-oriented manner. It is also the merit of Model AG that the closure flap, as a central element of the packaging, could be implemented as originally conceived.

What is important to you in your cooperation with the packaging supplier?

That he is well informed about trends and innovations and is willing to tackle challenges, also with the will to constantly enhance his know-how. Equally important for us is the cooperation with qualified contact persons, who bring along a lot of valuable professional experience and passion and thus a lot of understanding for wishes and ideas, but also patience for us as their customers.

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We are increasingly investing in the taste experience and the presentation. With the new InShape packaging we can distinguish ourselves visually worldwide.
Stefan Meile
Management, Hemag Nova AG
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