Model Truffes Grand Cru food packaging

Truffles Grand Cru food packaging

Balance between preserving traditions and allowing for change - perfected confectionery creations daily from all over the world.

  • Sprüngli AG - Zurich (CH)
  • Truffles made from four fine cocoa varieties in one package
  • The spotlight is on printing and finishing technologies
  • Highest quality materials in harmony with perfect workmanship

Quality standards and diligence for specialities Innovative product solutions with a pronounced understanding of the brand.

Confiserie Sprüngli's perfect confectionery creations are a daily delight to customers from all over the world. What's the secret?

Confiserie Sprüngli's recipe equates to top quality - from raw materials and processing to packaging, presentation in the shop and advice at the point of sale. Our long-standing employees certainly make up an essential part of the secret of our success. They are "Sprünglians" with heart and soul and engage in their work with passion and joy every day. This culture cannot be copied, this is what makes us unique.

How important is the appearance of a Sprüngli package?

Very important - our quality standards and the diligence that goes into the production of our specialities must be expressed at first glance in the packaging. In order to find our new style and our new design language, I have not only spent a lot of time with our product and packaging designers in recent years, but have also designed and even constructed numerous packages myself. And I had the best ideas far away from the office and on my travels. For me, the honest harmony between product and packaging is crucial. Ultimately, our focus is always on the product. The packaging must be able to blend in, yet have its own style and match the Sprüngli brand. The design and technical details as well as printing and finishing technologies are of great relevance in this regard.

Which packaging and which product do you particularly enjoy remembering?

Nine years ago, when I was appointed Managing Director and Marketing Director, I realised an idea that had been on my mind for years - a product made of dark single-variety chocolate and created on the basis of traditional confectioner's art: the Grand Cru line. These are truffles made from four fine cocoa varieties of different origins in a single package. The packaging and the unique concept have contributed significantly to revolutionising the consumption of dark chocolate in Switzerland. At that time, black chocolate was considered bitter in this country and at most suitable for cooking. With the Grand Cru line, we have given the Swiss people a whole new understanding of dark chocolate. We took them on a journey where they could discover and enjoy the characteristic properties of the different cocoa varieties themselves. And for us it was at the same time a journey into the future of Sprüngli. The product, but also the completely new form of launching it, mirrored a new generation. The success was resounding and gave me the courage to continue on this path. It was also the beginning of a consistent process of aligning the entire company with the market and customer expectations and of recognising the strategic importance of innovation. It also revealed the role that a strong brand understanding and an integrated marketing and communications organisation play in a modern company.

How do you rate the cooperation with Model in the field of packaging development?

We have been cooperating with Model for many years. We know the company as very reliable and customer-oriented. Model is always technically up to date and, it seems to me, ahead of the competition. The creative team thinks independently and contributes its own ideas. Model even develops products from gadgets that prove their worth in practice. With Model I have a good feeling that I am understood. These people sense what is important to us, cultivate the details and offer suitable solutions. Model is Swiss, the team always friendly, open and flexible. The products have their price, but the quality pays off for us.

How does Model differ from other packaging suppliers?

I am convinced by the good design options and the competent support also in styling questions. Model gives us tips and hints on how to achieve the desired effect with a certain type of packaging. I also appreciate the customer proximity. The contact is more personal than to other suppliers. We operate in a very high-class segment, which limits the choice of partners. Model not only knows our requirements, but also understands them and is therefore able to present better solutions. And for us it is practical that we have only one contact person for folding boxes and coated packaging.

What does the process look like from product idea to realisation?

With new products, we must always be aware that people have a very concrete idea of Sprüngli and associate it with certain demands. The art is to satisfy the existing demands of our customers on a daily basis while at the same time always being one step ahead. What can we surprise the customer with tomorrow? I see that as my very personal task. In order to foster our innovative strength and implement our visions, I have created interdisciplinary working groups that involve all departments. It is a very special challenge for me to lead Confiserie Sprüngli into the future with these groups and to meet the customer expectations of tomorrow. This cooperation promotes mutual understanding and creates good conditions for the rapid implementation of new ideas. In addition to recipe, raw materials, design, production and packaging, sales are decisive for success. Our sales front must stand behind the product and be able to sell it with conviction.

When does the price start to play a major role in the development phase?

This aspect must be included in the product development from the very beginning, otherwise one stands to experience nasty surprises. This is where my experience as a former production manager comes to my aid. Together with our experienced specialists it is thus possible to make realistic cost estimates.

Which products are suitable for Internet selling?

In the Internet shop we mainly sell products that are unique. Of course, it must also be possible to ship the products. Shipping requires special packaging, which we obtain from Model. We work with couriers to ensure that the heat-sensitive products arrive fresh at the customer's premises. Freshness and sensitivity to heat are often barriers and at the same time challenges for us.

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The art is to satisfy the existing demands of our customers on a daily basis while at the same time always being one step ahead.
Tomas Prenosil
CEO - Head of Marketing & Development, Confiserie Sprüngli AG
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