Model Läderach Mini Mousse food packaging

Läderach Mini Mousses food packaging

Individual, solution-oriented and aesthetic packaging design with the focus on "airy and light".

  • Confiseur Läderach AG, Ennenda (CH)
  • Three different packaging units
  • Elegant packaging concept for discerning chocolate lovers
  • Compliant with food law: Migration-free inks and grease-repellent protective varnish

Airy freshness A food packaging that not only presents a product in a fresh and visible manner, but also protects it.

An impressive manufactory for the finest Swiss confectionery specialities is located in the middle of the striking Glarus Alps. Since it was founded in 1962, it has developed continuously. Initially known as a supplier for professionals in the industry, Confiseur Läderach AG began to establish a second pillar as a consumer brand with the purchase of Merkur-Confiserien AG in 2004. Today, the second-generation family-run company sells a wide range of pralines, truffles, confectionery and fresh chocolate to a discerning clientele worldwide.

Since September 2012, Läderach has been producing the chocolate mass itself in its newly built production facility.

Mr Bischof, freshness and individuality characterise the philosophy of Läderach. Only fresh and carefully selected raw materials find their way into your products. Creativity and the joy of innovation have always accompanied you. Your new product Mini Mousses has recently been launched on the market. How did the idea come about, what inspired you?

The spark for the idea came from external suggestions, which were submitted directly to Jürg Läderach. Internally, the idea was further developed with the aim of developing a high-quality fresh product from a simple and popular chocolate product, the chocolate-coated marshmallow treat, and combining it with an experience. After an intensive development phase, a total of eight fresh, airy and scrumptious Mini Mousses can be enjoyed today.

What was the challenge in the product development of Mini Mousses?

The responsible project team had to master the holistic challenge of virtually reinventing a well-known and popular product. The Mini Mousses crew was constantly confronted with new challenges.

How do we combine a foam that is as airy as possible with a surprising filling? Which creations and recipes taste best for our customers? What should the whole product line look like? Which packaging design suits the products and is fresh and different at the same time? How can we offer the Mini Mousses as attractive a place as possible in the shop? It was very challenging to compile a completely new production plant together with various suppliers, which would permit as much craftsmanship as possible for the filling and decoration. Due to the many challenging and new tasks, the development phase took a corresponding amount of time. But all in all, every extra minute was worth it and we are very satisfied with the result of our latest innovation.

Which target group do you address with Mini Mousses?

Discerning and interested chocolate lovers who take pleasure in purchasing in our shops. This naturally includes our regular customers and fans, whom we would like to regularly surprise and delight with new and innovative products. With Mini Mousses, we also want to appeal especially to those customers who love chocolate-coated marshmallow treats and have always wished for something new and different.

The Mini Mousses are available in different packaging units. This also called for a corresponding packaging concept - always careful not to lose sight of the "light and airy" focus. How did Model PrimePac support you in this?

Model PrimePac provided us with very professional and above all holistic advice. From the initial contact to the sales representative, from the involvement of our agency Baldinger & Baldinger to the packaging developer, we felt that we were well looked after from start to finish. Thanks to this teamwork, we are now able to present the Mini Mousses, which require sophisticated packaging technology, in an individual, solution-oriented and aesthetic packaging design.

Were there any other requirements that had to be taken into account during the development of the packaging in particular?

The packaging had to meet the high demands of the food industry. Details such as migration-free colours or grease-repellent protective varnish are standard for us in this regard. Furthermore, the packaging had to make the Läderach brand palpable, present the contents in a fresh and visible way and above all protect the delicate contents. An easy handling was a crucial factor for the sales staff in our chocolateries, as the products are packaged in front of the customers. From the small, exquisite single pack to the full pack of 30, the line in five size units fully meets all our expectations.

You chose Model PrimePac as your supplier. What particularly convinced you or confirmed you in your choice?

Model PrimePac is an innovative Swiss supplier and is known for its high quality, both in consulting and in implementation. This overall package comprising the entire production of all production stages in conjunction with the holistic support convinced us.

The topic of the current Model Box is connection - in your opinion, which values connect you with Model?

Some parallels between Läderach and Model are certainly evident. In our opinion, both companies understand their craft, attach importance to the highest quality and are always on the lookout for further development and innovations. These are the best prerequisites for successful cooperation.

If we dare a look into the future, what will it look like at Confiseur Läderach?

As an independent family business in its 2nd generation, we want to continue to set accents in the industry and continue to develop at a high level. Läderach should stand for "best Swiss chocolate" and surprise and delight its discerning customers, the chocolate lovers, with a continuous innovation cycle. This is entirely in the spirit of "Pure joy is to create something that gives joy to others."

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From the small, exquisite single pack to the full pack of 30, the line in five size units fully meets all our expectations.
Marcel Bischof
Project and Product Manager Marketing
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