Model Performance Chemicals dangerous goods packaging

Performance chemicals dangerous goods packaging

Targeting on: brilliant colour intensity, clean appearance and the function of the packaging.

  • CHT Switzerland AG - Montlingen, St. Gallen (CH)
  • Brilliant colour results thanks to white basic carton
  • Resealable lid for small quantity removal
  • Sturdy packaging: protective, functional and recyclable

Quality for superior and innovative products Worldwide distribution network for textile care, construction chemicals and performance chemicals - CHT Switzerland AG under the management of the CHT Group.

CHT Switzerland AG, headquartered in Montlingen (St. Gallen Rhine Valley), is a member of the globally active CHT Group. It supplies customers from the textile finishing, textile care, construction chemicals and performance chemicals industries (paper chemicals, pet food and silicones) with superior quality and innovative products. In addition to direct sales, it also has access to the CHT Group's sales network, comprising the national companies and agencies.

  • Highest quality due to sturdy materials
  • Functional packaging for the removal of small quantities
  • Emotional visual language with brilliant colour intensity
  • Distribution and marketing originating from the CHT Group

Mr Fischer, you have recently adapted your brand identity. What were the reasons for that?

Colours play a fundamental role for our company. It is our core competence, which we would like to demonstrate impressively even before our products are used. Packaging is an important part of this. All people have certain ideas and desires about colours, because they experience feelings and moods with colours. That is why we have adapted our packaging accordingly. It is important for us to use an emotional visual language which on the one hand clearly conveys our core values and on the other hand should stick positively in people' s memories. This allows us to differentiate ourselves further. With Model we were able to accomplish our goal of a fresher, more colourful and intense packaging.

What effects did the adaptation of the corporate identity have on the product packaging?

An essential feature of the new design of our product packaging is the use of four-colour printing and thus a new image motif. The chosen mountain theme should underline our origins and clearly emphasise the promise of quality that goes with it. In order to show this theme to its best advantage, we have chosen a white cardboard for a print with intense colours. This aspect has led to slight adjustments in handling during production filling.

How did Model AG support you in revising the packaging?

Right from the start of the idea, the sales and development departments supported us with great enthusiasm and contributed their experience and ideas.

What other requirements had to be taken into account during the development of the packaging?

On the one hand, the design of the packaging should clearly be able to communicate the values of CHT Switzerland AG and the high quality of our products. For this reason it is important for us to place the focus on the selected theme in brilliant colour intensity. Besides a clean appearance is important. In particular, the function of the packaging is essential for our customers. It has a resealable lid, which allows the customer to remove small quantities from the carton over a longer period of time and then to tightly reseal the carton.

How do you evaluate the cooperation with Model with regard to the implementation of your needs?

All our needs were successfully met. Several adjustments and fine-tuning were necessary to achieve the desired final result. Model has always supported us throughout this process and has met all our requirements, which is why we can look back on a proven and good cooperation.

How long have you been working with Model?

In the field of corrugated board packaging for our textile dyes, we have been working very well together since 2008. For this reason, we have once again chosen Model as our experienced partner for the redesign of our packaging.

You are intensely concerned with the topic of sustainability. Where do you see optimisation potential, especially in the packaging sector?

The packaging must withstand the rigours of transport, must protect, be functional and recyclable. This requirement alone turns the packaging into a sustainable product. I still see optimisation potential in a further use and as a stronger advertising medium.

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Packaging is an important factor - all people have certain ideas and desires about colours, because they experience feelings and moods with colours.
Detlef Fischer
CEO, CHT Switzerland AG
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