Model Hugo Boss Iced cosmetics packaging

Hugo Boss Iced cosmetic packaging

Fine feathers make fine birds. And fine packaging makes fine products. After all, it usually transports more emotion and feeling than the actual product itself.

  • HUGO ICED by Hugo Boss
  • Refinement by cold foil embossing
  • Silhouette of the flacon applied with anthracite tone
  • Cold foil module Inlinefoiler 2.0 with eight-colour printing press

Luxury and lifestyle documented: We master the form of elegant finishing to perfection and know how to exploit this for your purposes.

Beauty products and their packaging whisk customers away into their own world of experience, underlining the casual, luxurious or sporty lifestyle of the customer. This can be impressively supported with the latest printing and finishing processes, such as cold foil finishing. Model Kramp masters this form of elegant finishing to perfection. And branded companies know how to use that for their own purposes. This is because three-dimensionally embossed logos or lettering and the additional finishing of the printed image with matt, gloss or metallic varnish create sophisticated structures that create visually and haptically extravagant surfaces.

Inline finishing for large print runs

Unlike hot foil embossing, cold foil finishing requires no high temperatures and no time-consuming, additional offline process with embossing machines. Application of the film by means of which the printing substrate is refined can take place directly inline during the printing process.

This is ensured by the cold foil module Inlinefoiler 2.0 installed at Model Kramp in Hanau. In combination with an eight-colour printing press from MAN Roland, it opens up a whole new world of finishing. The cold foil can be applied inline in offset printing and overprinted in multiple colours in a single pass. Logos, contoured motifs or lettering can be embossed and coated with an effect or spot varnish. Cold foil finishing thus offers new, undreamt-of design possibilities in addition to classic hot stamping foil printing. The results impress with high precision and edge sharpness. The inline process avoids register problems. This is particularly striking with filigree motifs, thin lines or fonts. The finest structures and grid patterns are possible here.

Particularly suitable are metallic motifs

By overprinting a silver foil, the full spectrum of coloured metallic shades can be achieved in cold foil printing. Gold tones appear very plastic and set dazzling accents. But also blue metallic or shiny black shades take on a profound shine. For HUGO ICED by Hugo Boss, for example, the silhouette of the flacon was applied with an anthracite tone on the basis of a silver cold foil, while the Hugo Boss label was omitted in the silver. Inline, the folding box was refined with an exclusive combination of various gloss and matt varnishes. The lettering on the sides is discreetly blind embossed and accentuated by the bright shade of red. The deep embossing of the flacon image on the front in combination with the embossed HUGO BOSS label creates a haptically and visually three-dimensional effect. The impressive result is a testimony of fresh elegance, great self-confidence and masculine nonchalance.

At the same time, cold foil finishing shortens set-up times and makes for extremely lean processes at Model. In this way, customers - especially from the emotionally charged cosmetics industry - can be offered further added value in addition to the diverse design options. Finally, the expressive motifs on packaging or commercial printing jobs can also be produced much more quickly and efficiently.

From virtual vision to emotional product

Model Kramp supports you in the development of your packaging from the very first moment. And this with state-of-the art technical possibilities. This begins with consulting and brainstorming, continues with 3D visualisation, product presentation and prototyping, and leads all the way up to load and transport tests. Before a sample is produced, the designers present their vision in a three-dimensional animation on the monitor. In doing so, the models can be worked out in the finest details and in the original colours, can be rotated in all directions and scrutinised from all angles. If desired, they can even be opened and filled with the appropriate product. In this way, the appearance and effect of individual packaging can be very comprehended in a very concrete way.

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By overprinting a silver foil, the full spectrum of colored metallic shades can be achieved in cold foil printing. Gold tones have a very plastic effect and set glamorous accents.
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