Remarkably out of the Ordinary

CH - 07.10.2019: Extravagant products call for sophisticated presentation. Konrad Lifestyle’s exquisite wines and champagnes pose quite a unique challenge in this regard.

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Easy harvesting in a trendy box Excerpt

Easy harvesting in a trendy box

CH - 19.07.2019: Vitamin-rich microgreens can be picked directly from the box in Model's smart packaging solution.

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Strong contrasts for bigger effects

Model Kramp GmbH’s packaging for the new MUGLER men’s fragrance is distinguished by stark contrasts.

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Model Schiesser Display

Schiesser display

Contemporary spirit and quality: Heightened attention for nightwear at the point of sale.

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Modelgroup Transportverpackungen Cervo Volante Hirschlederprodukte

Cervo Volante

For a future after 2050: Cervo Volante combines in its deerskin products high quality and functionality with responsibility to nature and the environment.

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Model Dumet Shelf Ready Display

Dumet "Cielos"

Soft on the inside and crisp on the outside: Air-dried olives in a crispy rice flour coat.

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Model Gottlieber Spezialitäten Display

Gottlieber Spezialitäten

Indulgence with peace of conscience: Premium, certified, organically grown ingredients prepared in a small manufactory.

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Model Verte Suisse Absinthe transport packaging

Verte Suisse Absinthe

Authentic absinthe: Distillate of wormwood, a special herbal mixture and purest alcohol.

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Model Scania v8 Tray gift packaging

Scania v8 tray

Making difficult brand colours printable - mastering corporate colours skilfully with CMYK.

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Model Golden Swiss Matterhorn food packaging

Golden Swiss Matterhorn

A piece of Switzerland - visible to the whole world - in a highly refined special packaging.

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Model Luckys Natural Bricks transport packaging

Luckys Natural Bricks

A new, sustainable path and thus an important contribution to health and environment with Arboblend, the biodegradable material.

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Model Evian Flap Display

Evian flap display

Winner of the German Packaging Award 2015 in the category display and promotional packaging.

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Model Läderach Mini Mousse food packaging

Mini Mousses

Individual, solution-oriented and aesthetic packaging design with the focus on "airy and light".

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Model Hugo Boss Iced cosmetics packaging

Boss Iced

Fine feathers make fine birds. And fine packaging makes fine products. After all, it usually transports more emotion and feeling than the actual product itself.

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Model InSmoke Liquid transport packaging

InSmoke Liquid

High-quality and attractive transport packaging at the point of sale. Swiss Made Liquids visually highlighted.

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Model Swiss Teabox gift packaging

Tea box

A high-quality rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure for the special kind of customer communication.

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Model Truffes Grand Cru food packaging

Truffles Grand Cru

Balance between preservation and change - perfected confectionery creations daily from all over the world.

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Model David Vitalizer Drink transport packaging

Vitalizer Drink

Emotionally packaged with optimum protection in high-quality digital printing technology.

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Model Durgol Display

durgol express

Durable all-round display on three different types of carriers. A perfect symbiosis of quality and modularity.

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Model Wolford Limited Edition gift packaging

Wolford Limited Edition

Femininity brought to the point: The contents keep what the packaging promises!

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Model Appenzeller Blütencreme cosmetics packaging

Appenzeller Blütencreme

Unique and rich feel-good flower cream from the Appenzeller Land - packed in premium "Buttertöpfli" (butter pot).

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Model Performance Chemicals dangerous goods packaging

Performance chemicals

Sturdy, functional and recyclable - resealable for the removal of small quantities.

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Modelgroup Displays Fishermans Friend Leuchtturm Display

Lighthouse Display

Honored with the German Packaging Award 2018 in the category product presentation.

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Kägi Good Luck Dispenser transport packaging

Kägi Good Luck Dispenser

The Kägi team came up with something very special for the 2018 football summer: the Kägi Winner.

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