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Focus on your core business and leave the packaging and shipping to us.

You choose what, when and where to package and our logistics fleet delivers the product in your order completely packaged to the specified destination.

Significant time savings for branded companies

From chocolate to socks, fully automated or manual, labelled, commissioned or delivered just in time – branded companies’ requirements are as varied as their products. Co-packaging offers clear financial advantages and significant time savings. Focus on your core business, and let us handle all aspects of packaging and shipping.

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Longstanding experience

The Model Group has been offering packaging services for branded companies for years. Thanks to knowledge that has been honed over time and flexible logistics, Model is a leading full service provider.

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We process your projects efficiently and professionally. Our services include

  • Setting up and filling sales displays
  • Assembly of special promotional packages
  • Packing semi-finished products into customer packaging or tubular bags
  • Condensed packaging of products into a multipack
  • air-conditioned spaces enabling sufficient storage capacity for temperature-sensitive products
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