Looking for the fast track? We know the short cuts!

Model GmbH, DE - We supply corrugated board products in all imaginable formats, grades and compositions, fast and reliable.

Corrugated board is a strong material. Thanks to its fluting, it is as light as it is robust, wonderfully recyclable, and is manufactured largely from waste paper. It has a high load capacity, and is therefore in great – and growing – demand for all types of packaging, folding boxes and displays.

We supply corrugated board products in all imaginable formats, grades and compositions, whether single, double or triple flute, surface or through-coloured, or with special coatings as required. We handle everything from small orders through to large-scale production. This variety not only makes you highly flexible in your market, but also gives you financial scope. You can rely on a strong material and a strong partner by your side, in the form of your Model advisor.

We know the short cuts!

Fast and reliable The right place at the right time

You get to know a place by taking detours, they say. That may be true, but we prefer the direct route, or a short cut that will get us where we’re going even faster. Our sophisticated logistics system and our own fleet of trucks guarantee efficient processes and short distances. And when things get really busy, as they sometimes do, we really come into our own. Our aim is to deliver to you as quickly as we can. That’s why we have ultra-modern, high-performance production facilities at central locations in Germany. From there, we can deliver your products swiftly and reliably within 48 hours.

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But speed isn’t the be all and end all

Quick delivery is meaningless if the quality isn’t right. We don’t just pay lip service to important aspects such as quality and sustainability, we actually put them into practice – and we have a whole range of certifications that bear this out. Looking for the fast track? We know the short cuts!

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Fairness first everyone’s a winner

It may be hard to imagine, but we have been working with many of our customers ever since our company was founded.

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What’s the secret?

We believe that it is our values, which are rooted in fairness and trust. What also binds us together is our drive to achieve shared success. Our maxim is that we should earn together, not from each other, so we offer our customers cost benefits gained from highly efficient modern production processes. And although we are one of the largest suppliers in Germany, we still think and act like a family firm. In other words, no job is too large for us, but none is too small either. We give our full attention to every single every customer, with a view to creating a win-win scenario.

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The Model-Service

  • 48-hour delivery of standard range throughout Germany
  • Small batches
  • Own fleet of trucks to ensure on-time delivery
  • Special grades manufactured at short notice
  • ISO 9001:2008 and other quality certifications
  • Flexible connection to your own IT system
  • Wet-strength adhesion
  • Corrugated board formats for high-quality digital printing (certified by manufacturers of digital printing presses)
  • Processing of pre-printed rolls
  • Surface or through-coloured and coated
  • Special coatings (e.g. antistatic, waterresistant, PE, anti-slip, flame-retardant, grease-resistant, non-woven)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Opening and reinforcement tapes
  • FSC® grades available


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Model Variety

  • Single, double and triple flute
  • Open fluting on the roll • Fanfold corrugated board
  • A, C, B and E flutes
  • Double flute combinations AA, AC, BC, BB, EB, EE, FE, etc. (including those open on one side)
  • Triple flute combinations AAA and CAA, etc.
  • Litho-laminated corrugated board


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Model Formats

  • Widths of 200 – 2760 mm
  • Sheet lengths of 600 – 6000 mm
  • Smaller formats can be cut to size upon request in a further processing stage
  • 12 scores per web (up to 24 on request)
  • Pallet height of up to 2.10 m
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