Product Packaging Trend

Superior appearance required

London, New York, Tokyo – globalisation presents brand owners, and therefore the packaging industry, with ever new challenges. 

Access to the global marketplace also demands a uniform, recognisable appearance. Hence, globalisation has become a perpetual driver for the packaging industry: As they harmonise their product series and standards, global companies are choosing to align their packaging too.

They want an internationally uniform design, which in turn means that the packaging for the existing product series must be redesigned. This usually goes hand in hand with increasing demands for the look and feel. A sophisticated design and elaborate printing are perfect for emphasising a clear brand message.

These specifications require compliance with high quality standards during the production process and printing,. The requirements placed on colour accuracy and sharpness of detail are constantly increasing. Subsequent finishing using coatings, embossing or film lamination allows unique accents to be placed, particularly on luxury products. And, in addition, the distinctiveness of the packaging protects both brand and product against plagiarism.

Packaging as a work of art
Packaging is becoming more and more a work of art in its own right. Solid cardboard in particular opens up huge scope and a wide range of possibilities for packaging design. It can be used to conjure up elegant and luxurious looking objects. The packaging itself becomes a lifestyle product, such as a really beautiful handbag. Here, form and function genuinely go hand in hand. The material and processing leave nothing to be desired and the exquisite finishing make this «packaging», in corrugated cardboard, an absolute must-have in its own right.


InShape has been the proud recipient of three awards: German Design Award 2019, German Packaging Award 2017, Swiss Packaging Award 2017.