Training: Paper Technologists

Paper technologists have to have a knack for technology

CH - 08.11.2019: Participating in the three-year paper technologist apprenticeship at Model takes a knack for technology and manual dexterity. The reason for this? The industrial production of paper and cardboard involves properly setting and controlling computerised machines, continuously supervising production and monitoring the quality of processes. Understanding the complex technology and the chemical processes requires a sufficient level of technical and scientific understanding.

Precise working method, good team skills and physical toughness needed

Andrin Lüthi, a paper technologist apprentice in his second year at Model AG in Weinfelden, was aware of this when he decided on a career: «Obviously good marks in maths and science are important. But you also need to have a good level of technical understanding and have to be equipped to meet the challenges posed by this profession, like working in shifts.»

Paper production at Model takes place in five shifts. This not only requires a precise working method and good team skills but also physical toughness. The plus side of it all is that being a papermaker allows you to take part in the production of a sustainable product that is essential in our modern society and economy.

Training officer Argjent Ramadani also emphasised the importance of good results in school: «Having an intermediate school leaving certificate and good marks in maths and science subjects obviously gives you an advantage. But since learners already need to start working independently after a short time, reliability and a precise working style are essential when it comes to working in shifts.»

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Further Training Opportunities

The in-house training is supplemented by two to three blocks of lessons, each lasting four to eight weeks, every year at the Paper Centre in Gernsbach, Germany. The company providing the apprenticeship training covers the costs for travel and accommodation. There are also various opportunities for advanced training even after the apprenticeship is complete. In the process of becoming a qualified technician, the focus is mainly on technical and organisational tasks in paper manufacture and processing. As a qualified foreman in the field of paper and plastic processing or paper production, you are more likely to take on specialist and management tasks. Getting a degree in the field of paper technology is also conceivable.

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