Three «cheers!»

Wine packaging Cheers! among the top three at the Swiss Packaging Award 2020

CH - 19.11.2020: Our wine packaging Cheers! has now been officially recognised for its nomination for the Swiss Packaging Award 2020. The President of the Swiss Packaging Institute, Phillipe Dubois, personally presented us with the certificate. In the Convenience category, Cheers! was ranked among the top three.

The jury of the 2020 Swiss Packaging Award praised our new wine packaging for its «clever design that significantly improves convenience». This is because Cheers! is the first packaging that allows several wine bottles to be carried easily and presented in an aesthetic way. With its open top, the pretty bottle heads make you want to taste the next wine just by looking at them. The comfortable carrying handle is located on the inside: so cleverly integrated into the packaging that you can hardly see it. Whether four, six, or eight bottles - the jury particularly highlighted this ergonomic device for one-handed carrying. Here comfort comes along with high functionality: the wine boxes are stable, stackable and reusable. Furthermore they can be stored in a space-saving manner.

Sarah Model, Business Development and Yücel Metin, Head of Technical Development accepted the award on behalf of our Innovation and Competence Center. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the developers and designers involved!

The Swiss Packaging Award is presented annually by the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI. The institute is the umbrella organisation of the Swiss packaging industry. It promotes integrated packaging solutions, innovative strength and the competitiveness of the Swiss packaging industry.

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