The Fragrance Foundation Award

A royal fragrance - A royal packaging

DE - 05.10.2020: September 10th, the Fragrance Foundation elected the best products from the perfume industry. And we are delighted to announce this year's winner of the "Packaging of the Year" award in the men's fragrance category.

Crowned and loved.
Royal in gold and blue.
Chest swelling with pride.

The prize was awarded for the packaging of men's fragrance "K by Dolce&Gabbana", by Shiseido. The perfume flask comes in a plain and simple shape. Rectangular, made of clear glass with black print. The special feature, however, is the cap. A golden crown. Each one is handcrafted and unique for its coating of gold particles which is aged to obtain a distinctive patina.

We are very proud that our creative heads were allowed to contribute the outer packaging of this nicely executed flask. The royal blue box playfully takes up and reflects the light blue color of the perfume. The golden crown theme is present also here displayed by a relief with an impressive depth effect. The technique used to create this effect is very sophisticated. Sculptured embossing tools create a three-dimensionality and thus a haptic and visual experience.

The packaging is made of high-quality cellulose cardboard, produced sustainably and 100% recyclable.


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