Strong contrasts for bigger effects

Model Kramp GmbH’s packaging for the new MUGLER men’s fragrance is distinguished by stark contrasts

Cool and reserved, yet sensual and electrifying – that is «Alien Man», the latest men’s fragrance by MUGLER. Somewhere in the distant future, this man confidently takes fate into his own hands, and discovers a fascinating monolith while on the search for light and a new beginning. A strong, fascinating crag – angular and smooth, magnetic and beguiling.

Even the bottle of the cool «Alien Man» scent by MUGLER conveys geometric austerity and clean elegance, but also irresistible fascination and attraction. This fragrance represents vibrant contrasts, combining invigorating freshness with hot-blooded sensuality and magnetism.

Geometric austerity and emotive typography


Just as the bottle depicts the clear strength of the monolith, the packaging embodies geometric austerity and complementary contrasts. The brilliant white front with dark blue wording in archaic-utopian typeface grabs the customer’s attention. Meanwhile, the partial gloss lacquering for «Alien» set against a matt white background creates further visual appeal. Delicate hot-foil embossing underscores the premium quality and heightens the allure.


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Extravagant finishing for the final touch

The deep blue sides and top of the packaging represent a stark contrast to the white front. The «Alien» wording in repeated debossing further supports the branding. On the back, the product image establishes a connection to the extravagant campaign, while partial border colouring emphasises the contrast. The material used for this extraordinary packaging is Astropack 350 g/m2. The print on the interior is single coloured, while the exterior is printed with six colours and then meticulously finished with silver foil stamping, embossing, debossing, coloured borders and coding.

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