Smart luxury packaging

Packaging conveys a clear brand message.

Ingenious design, elaborate printing and a clear brand message are one thing, but stable protection, efficient handling and optimum returnability are the other side of luxury packaging. The packaging industry faces the dual challenge of meeting the needs of manufacturers and consumers, while at the same time satisfying the multiple requirements set by retailers and logistics firms. In fact, no major compromises are necessary because solid board packaging, especially, can be sophisticated and luxurious while being robust and easy to handle. Meanwhile, the trend towards a greater brand presence and stand-out look continues apace.

Effort is rewarded

First impressions count, especially where luxury items such as cosmetics and perfume are concerned. Quality and function must win over the consumer immediately, but before they even get to the product its packaging must give a foretaste of the experience that awaits. To do this, labels should not be overcrowded with information, but distilled to the essence, bearing just the brand and the product.

Producers of branded goods have high expectations where packaging materials, and their look and feel, are concerned. This demands a high degree of precision in the printing and production process. Reliable colour reproduction and sharpness of detail are non-negotiable. Then there is the finishing, using foils, textured embossing, varnishes, or the embossing of logos, slogans or wordmarks. All of these techniques draw the consumer's attention and focus it right on the product or brand name. This makes the packaging a unique work of art with its own look and own distinct feel, further increasing anticipation about the fragrant world within. The effort that goes into producing this packaging is rewarded if it fully reflects the design and values of the brand itself.

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No chance for counterfeiters

Packaging can also be a key element in protecting a valuable product against counterfeiting. One option here is the fingerprint ID process for paper and cardboard, which identifies the product beyond all doubt. It involves scanning the paper or board’s individual fibre structure, much like taking a fingerprint. The result can be stored and then recalled at any time to check for a match. Other pioneering areas in this field include printed batteries and LEDs which make packaging light up when tampered with. Whether the eye-catching ballotin for fine chocolates or a highly finished perfume box, bringing such intelligent, innovative, quality solid board packing solutions to market nonetheless requires very special expertise on the part of the manufacturer.

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