Remarkable moments of regular life

Things that we used to take for granted are not that obvious anymore. It has become necessary to reflect on and appreciate simple activities, With this Christmas gift in Model Poland, we want to encourage such an attitude.

The message of the gadget is built around the ability to notice the unique moments of everyday life that arise when they are given a chance. They cab be moments of drinking your favorite tea, alone or in the company of your loved ones. The tea cup and teapot in the box will help to create a perfect opportunity.

We live in a constant hurry - with this gadget we encourage you to stop for a while and celebrate the moment. The packaging of the gadget can easily be given a second life.

The contents of the tea containers, which are also dispensers, can be refilled and used every day. The box for the teapot and cup can be perfect to reuse as a gift box. And the main carton box, thanks to the possibility of reclosing, is perfect for e.g. storing things.
The packaging has been designed and manufactured in the Biłgoraj plant. Its marketing goal, apart from provoking reflection, is to show a suggested solution for the e-commerce industry - extended flaps, the security seal, adhesive strip and the possibility of reclosing.

Graphic themes were transferred from the encyclopedia of trees and fruit from around the world entitled "Natural history of trees and fruit", compiled by John Jonston in 1662 in Frankfurt.

The author of the idea is Magda Marczak. The construction was developed by Andrzej Śliwiński. The printing processes were piloted by Jerzy Małek. The graphics were prepared by Karolina Józwik.

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