Print Technology

From roll to roll

Model GmBH, Berka/Werra, offers extensive preprint expertise

Paper webs can be printed efficiently from roll to roll

In addition to offset and digital printing, flexographic printing systems are used to print corrugated cardboard packaging. In the preprint process, paper webs can be printed efficiently from roll to roll and then further processed in the corrugated cardboard system. Not only can large runs be produced particularly efficiently, but preprint is also suitable for medium and even small runs.

An advantage compared with postprint (corrugated cardboard printing) is that even thinner paper can be used, which means less material is used. In addition, the dreaded washboard effect on the finished packaging is avoided. As in offset, four-colour images can also be printed in flexographic printing, with a screen resolution of up to 60 l/cm. Continuous printing for laser-engraved printing forms, full-surface inking and many special coatings are also possible.

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Preprint abilities

Model GmbH offers this expertise. Exceptional abilities in preprint make this site very interesting for all packaging manufacturers. At the plant in Berka/Werra, liners are printed from roll to roll with up to eight colours on two printing machines and subsequently laminated on the corrugated cardboard system as internal or external liners. In addition to the printed image, printed control codes ensure longitudinal and transverse cutting is in register.

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Equipped with smart GPS

The preprint machines are equipped with print image monitoring, web cleaning, viscosity control, graduated print lengths and smart GPS. Furthermore, all print results are traceable. In addition, the Berka/Werra plant has two assembly machines on which the printing plates can be mounted. A Gab coater is available for special coatings and colours. In wet application, up to 26 g/ m² can be applied in one pass. A rewinder with a variety of cutting blades for special applications allows narrow cuts of wide rolls.

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This versatile printing process can be used on a wide variety of substrates:

  • Coated and uncoated paper/cardboard from 30 g/m² to 450 g/m²
  • Non-woven and fleece  
  • Aluminium/paper composite
  • Film/paper composite
  • Wet adhesive tape
  • Through-dyed special paper
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Our water-based ink and coating series for:

  • Luminous ink (fluorescent ink)
  • Gold and silver colours  
  • Iriodin varnishes
  • Anti-slip coatings
  • Food-safe inks (individual evaluation for each application)
  • Inks for hot applications; e.g. baking forms (individual evaluation for each application)
  • Inks for the dry medical sector (individual evaluation for each application)
  • Water and grease-resistant coating
  • Anti-corrosion protection 
  • Anti-static
  • Scented varnishes
  • Alkali resistance
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Preprint by Model is also used for:

  • Carrier webs for adhesive tapes
  • Paper for solid cardboard lamination
  • Paper bags
  • Dispenser rolls
  • Fruit and vegetable trays
  • Bags  
  • Special paper for photography
  • Ream wrap
  • Table mats
  • Cardboard for honeycomb panel lamination
  • Double-sided anti-slip paper
  • Paper printing with subsequent PE coating
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