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TREND – packaging and society

The packaging of the future will be intelligent and will not deceive the buyer. Packaging manufacture is not an end in itself, but must adapt to changing customer and consumer requirements over time. Against this background, it is clear that it is not just a technologically mature product that matters. Rather, the customer must be able to see that they can fulfil their needs better with the newly developed product than with existing products. 

Zoe & Zazu packaging won the European Carton Excellence Award 2018 and was presented with a certificate at the Swiss Packaging Award​.

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The public usually becomes aware of the packaging...

...when it does not meet the requirements; for example, if it simulates greater content, if it is dirty or if it leads to an unusually high level of waste. At Model AG, we deliberately focus on these topics and we pay particular attention to optimisation and waste reduction in both development and manufacture of packaging solutions.

Consequently, a company should have not only good technical abilities in problem solving, but also an advantage over its competitors in terms of the acquisition, processing and use of customer information. In this respect, dissatisfied customers/consumers should not only be consulted on improvements and wishes, they can also be sources of future improvements too. Hence, involvement of these sources is an important success factor when it comes to improvement and development of packaging solutions.

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Those that test how new developments affect the production and use of packaging come across three main trends:

  • reduction of the material used
  • improvement of the quality of the packaging materials, packaging and packaging aids
  • exploitation of new packaging functions = additional benefits
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Packaging needs to be sustainable and have as little impact on our environment as possible. That is our mission!

We realise that a reduction in the material used will continue to be of even greater importance in the future. Recently, due to factors such as shortages and crop failures, etc., raw material prices have risen significantly, and awareness of waste reduction and feedback into the recycling loop has grown into a global societal issue. 

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