Packaging with scented varnish

enables new experiences at the POS

Packaging coated with scented varnish gives off the fragrance of the enclosed perfume via microscopic capsules, offering new opportunities at the POS.

Model setzt duftenden Akzent

Scented accents for perfume packaging

With cosmetics in particular, the packaging's shelf appeal is the very thing that first catches the customer's eye. But it isn't the only thing. Feel and fragrance are the second, crucial factors, in the decision to buy. Does the customer like something exotic, romantic, or do they prefer a clean scent? Selecting the product that smells right becomes a multi-sensory experience. Model's clever new packaging solution now lets buyers decide which fragrance best suits them simply by touching the box. Faithfully reproducing the perfume's scent on the packaging not only makes expensive samples unnecessary, but also, importantly, prevents the damage to the packaging and the product that might be caused by end customers opening them to test the contents.

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Innovative solution – strong partner

Model Kramp's innovative solution uses an additional sleeve over the actual box containing the product. This also makes it attractive for packaging in the cosmetics and perfume industry, which generally features foil effects. The overall project was conducted in partnership with full-service contract manufacturer Carecos Kosmetik (, an expert in premium cosmetic products. It developed the high-quality glass flacons, took care of printing, and ultimately also of filling the perfume bottles. Model used 435 g/m2 C2S FibreForm board from KAPAG Karton + Papier ( to make the packaging. The great elasticity offered by this material permits particularly high embossing, enabling unusual shapes and 3D effects to be achieved. Model Kramp printed the board in six colours, after which it passed through several finishing processes. Finally, the folding box was encased in an additional sleeve, which is also based on C2S FibreForm board. The inner of the sleeve has a film of Eco Star silver acetate foil, produced by pfc, the premium film company ( This biodegradable foil, which is made from renewable raw materials, is an excellent fit with Model's closed paper cycle and sustainability credo.

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Fragrance of the enclosed perfume via microscopic capsules

The front of the sleeve is embossed with the outline of the flacon, while the lower part features the FOLCO SCENT® scented varnish produced by Follmann ( In this oil-based varnish, a scent that is identical to the package contents is encapsulated and preserved in microscopic beads. This avoids the POS being unpleasantly overwhelmed by the smell of perfume. Even after a year, the scent still develops to its full effect. It is released only when the varnished area is touched, thereby destroying the microcapsules. Scented varnishes have proven themselves highly efficient in practice. They can be used in sheet offset, web offset, flexographic and screen printing. Realised in an innovative Model Kramp packaging concept, they are perfect for the cosmetics industry.

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Michael Krapp
Michael Krapp
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