On Demand Packaging

Packsize and Model are always at the ready with comprehensive solutions and expertise

DE - 15.10.2019: «In Model, Packsize has found a partner we can collaborate with to react to increasing demands in the field of on-demand packaging», said Horst Reinkensmeyer, Packsize’s managing director. «Our quick, customised cardboard output allows us to tackle the rising complexity of packaging and the growing requirements of the industry.» The two cooperative partners Packsize and Model GmbH have their eyes firmly set on the future – a future in which packaging that meets specific requirements will be needed in many areas.

Custom made and easy on materials

In many cases, secondary packaging with defined, standardised cardboard box sizes result in inefficient packaging processes. They waste material and space. In addition, the air in many packages has enormous potential for savings. Custom-made packaging ensures that less corrugated board and filling material are used. The product is also safer and protected against shocks in the packaging. Packsize’s packaging technology therefore helps companies to effectively avoid empty space in their shipping packaging.

As a high-tech company, Packsize develops, produces and sells on-demand packaging software, systems and solutions. They make it possible for manufacturers to package their product in custom-made cardboard boxes at
the very moment they need it. This means that only as much packaging material as needed and as little as possible is consumed. The custom packaging reduces the amount of material used, involves less work, increases
throughput, decreases the need for storage space and lowers shipping costs. This ultimately results in money saved and is better for the environment.

While Packsize is responsible for the technical side of the solution, Model contributes the endless corrugated board, an essential resource for on-demand packaging. Not only that, but Model’s logistics can also deliver products to each individual customer just in time. Model can currently supply B, C, EE, EB and BC flute corrugated board and will also be able to supply E flute in future. We can also print them if requested. If this is the case, the paper will be printed in the preprint process and then processed for the corresponding order. This allows the customer to benefit from a unique total package consisting of Packsize’s on-demand packaging process and Model’s expertise in corrugated board.

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Packsize as an innovative partner

Model has been cooperating with Packsize since 2011. With a total of 400 employees, the high-tech company is active worldwide in more than 25 countries. It has many years of experience in mechanical engineering and the use of corrugated board. Packsize has its global headquarters in Salt Lake City, USA and manages its activities in Europe from its European headquarters in Herford, Germany.

Its automated, fully automatic and extremely fast X7 packaging line for custom-made cardboard boxes, which offers customers an even more efficient process for large quantities, is already addressing the increasing prevalence of automation as well as growing online retail capacities. The fourth industrial revolution holds major opportunities in store for Packsize and Model. This is a partnership with a great deal of potential for the future.

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