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Smart, recyclable solutions that push a brand’s image are in demand. Sometimes it’s simply torn open and discarded without another thought. Sometimes it’s almost more important than the actual product. And sometimes it makes us even more eager to discover its contents. Packaging is intended to protect the product and ensure it can be transported safely around the globe. It serves as an important carrier of information. And now, more and more, it also has to be at the cutting edge of sustainability, recyclability and efficient resource use. There can be no ignoring the fact that the requirements for innovative packaging are growing, as reflected by the trends that look set to dominate the packaging industry in 2018.

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Reducing waste with clever packaging solutions

p>It is becoming increasingly important to reduce waste caused by food packaging and to develop innovative and attractive packaging solutions for non-perishable and frozen products.

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From the web to consumers

By 2020, e-commerce will make up 15% of retail sales and packaging will play an important role in the shopping experience. For branded companies, this means that making a statement via the packaging and providing clear messages on labels are of vital importance. Avoid frustration caused by excessive packaging material or packaging that undermines the brand’s overall quality.

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Pare down to the essentials

Buying food without any packaging is becoming a very popular trend. Many consumers are already attempting to avoid plastic packaging in particular when it comes to food products. Reducing waste, saving resources and using recycled materials are at the top of the agenda.

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Clear labels

In addition, consumers do not want to be scared off or overwhelmed when they look at the label. An informative, clearly structured label is an essential part of a positive shopping experience. The maxim ‘less is more’ is a good guideline; producers should refrain from deluging consumers with unnecessary information and only convey as much of their message as is absolutely required.

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In brief

In brief Modern packaging technology is well-equipped to respond to these trends and challenges. Corrugated board packaging in particular can be adapted to the precise needs of producers and consumers. What is more, its low weight and high stability match the shipping requirements of the growing online market. And it is ideally suited to returning goods. But above all, it leads the way in terms of resourceefficiency and reuse. Thanks to its wonderful recycling-friendly properties, this kind of packaging can be reintroduced into the material cycle at the end of its life to create added value.

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