Model implements global redesign

of Oil of Olaz packaging

A chance to look younger and enjoy life to the fullest without it leaving any visible traces – who doesn’t want to age a little differently? The Oil of Olaz Regenerist and Total Effects lines claim to be able to alter the ageing process. However, this message must be conveyed by more than the product and its ingredients, which is why the packaging has undergone its own visual makeover.

In this way the complex printing process underscores the clear brand message.

After all, the stunning casing needs to be able to hold its own on the highly competitive market for beauty products. Oil of Olaz’s high-quality and incredibly emotive anti-ageing products are not just a beauty promise in terms of younger-looking skin, but also when it comes to the look and presentation of the product. As a result, the packaging has undergone an upgrade.

Over the course of standardising all its product lines, the world’s leading facial skincare brand has redesigned the packaging of the Total Effects and Regenerist lines. Together with partners from the US and China, Model Kramp in Hanau implemented this international relaunch as part of an international coordination with Procter & Gamble. The portrayal of the products with an interplay of light and shadow in four-colour printing requires the highest standards in the preliminary stages of printing and in printing itself. The finishing of the offset printing with cold coil enables a wide range of unique, brilliant effects and colour shading applications. Highly detailed designs are achieved using foil lamination with matt varnish, and the multi-layered embossing draws the consumer’s gaze to the realistically depicted product.

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