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CH - 21.11.2019: Model Copack Plus in Niedergösgen – a one-stop source for wide-ranging technical capabilities.


Co-Packaging makes a variety of different synergies possible. Having service providers supply products to shops or customers just in time means there’s more time to focus on core competencies. Those who outsource assembly, filling and packaging also enjoy a number of economic and ecological benefits. Why? Because when processes are handled by Model Copack Plus, resources are saved and the consumption of packaging material is reduced. Co-Packaging generally involves lower generation of waste and a faster timeto- market. This is particularly true when sustainable packaging or unique folding boxes are manufactured, printed and filled by Model without additional transport routes and intermediate steps.

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Vertical cartoning machines provide an automation boost

Excessive initial costs during production and problems with downstream filling make life difficult for product and marketing managers, especially when it comes to seasonal promotions. Model’s versatile and wide-ranging Co-Packaging expertise can help to remedy this. Model Copack Plus’s team in Niedergösgen is all too familiar with initial problems like these and perfectly prepared to meet these customer requirements. One way they can achieve this is with a compact vertical cartoning machine with an adjustable format range. This machine not only makes it possible to precisely fill packaging with truffles, wafers, miniatures or similar products, but also to print batch numbers and best-before dates.

With this vertical cartoning machine, a variety of square folding boxes can be assembled, filled and sealed using an adhesive or tuck-in closure in a fully automatic process. And all of this while maintaining consistent quality. An integrated vibration element ensures that the product is positioned correctly in the box. Adhesive closures on the base and lid guarantee the security seal.

This makes it possible to process rectangular or conical folding boxes. Adhesive or tuck-in lid designs are possible, as is a gable. Click tabs or other special designs can be implemented after samples have been provided. The fully automatic system processes up to 25 boxes per minute. With this new capability, Model offers the market a level of efficiency and automation that you’d otherwise be hard pressed to find in the field of Co-Packaging.

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Co-Packaging puts the icing on the cake

It is for this reason that customers value the expertise of the Co-Packaging centre in Niedergösgen. For Chocolats Halba in Pratteln, a large order of 500’000 customer units was fulfilled in only three weeks. This involved sorting chocolate balls into two different folding boxes, attaching a tamper-evident seal and marking them with the best-before data and traceability code.

Coop Cooperative, Basel commissioned Model to fit millions of copies of three different flyers with a chocolate heart and make bundles of ten pieces each using a banderole. The order took six weeks to complete.

And sometimes things even get a bit royal. For another order from Coop Cooperative, Model produced crowns that were condensed and packaged in bundles of twelve units each. This gave Model the opportunity to apply to other core competencies besides Co-Packaging, such as manufacturing the crowns from solid board and shipping them in transport packaging made out of corrugated board.

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Efficient structures pave the way for an all-inclusive service package

«What ultimately sets us apart is our flexibility. Our wide-ranging technical capabilities allow us to offer a variety of packaging processes. While Co-Packaging is normally done either directly downstream of the production line with fully automatic machines or by hand and therefore designed for large runs or manageable quantities, we are able to react flexibly to requirements and runs», said supply chain team leader Sven Johner.

The various capabilities include filling, condensing, tubular bag production, laminating, labelling, loading flyers and assembling and filling displays, all of which takes place in semi- or fully automatic processes. In the end, it’s the customer’s needs and the wide variety of capabilities that determine the most efficient path to a top-quality result.

The infrastructure at the Co-Packaging centre in Niedergösgen includes short transport routes, a complete area for refrigerated food (14 to 16°C) and a direct rail connection for international shipments, which are all additional advantages that speak in favour of cooperation with Model AG.

And being integrated into this large group of companies is ultimately what enables us to offer all of these services and materials for packaging and transport. Solid board, corrugated board and co-packaging from a single source considerably reduces the amount of work for the customer. Johner: «All the customers need to do is deliver their product. We’ll take care of the rest.»

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