ISO Certification

ISO Implementation

CH - 12.12.2019 - Earlier this year, the management system at Model AG Switzerland was audited by the certification body. As part of the audit, Model Packaging in Weinfelden was recertified according to ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

Careful preparation

The addition of a certified energy, environment, occupational safet and health management system to the existing system at Model Packaging Weinfelden clearly shows our commitment to an international standard. Several months were scheduled for the whole process – from implementation to certification. The accumulated experience from other production locations helped to significantly reduce the amount of work involved in the implementation. The existing system, especially Model Top, provide the foundation for the implementation and could be added to where necessary. By using the same approaches, such as continuous improvement according to the PDCA cycle (plan-do-checkact), it was possible to incorporate the supplemental management systems accordingly.

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One step ahead

The added value already became evident during implementation. With a focus on the topics of energy, environment, occupational safety and health protection, several measures were defined and some already implemented. For example, the strategy for occupational safety was revised and comprehensive risk and hazard analyses were drafted, checked and integrated into the processes.

New rules were established for the handling of chemicals and consumables, and investments will be made in a new transfer site in Weinfelden in the coming months to keep environmental impacts to a minimum in the event of an accident. With regard to energy, we determined that there was potential for energy savings and invested in energy metering. The Model Top system with cooperation between locations allows us to always be one step ahead by implementing concepts and preventative measures.

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