Group's growth continues 2019

The Model Group recorded consolidated Group revenue of CHF 991 million in the 2018 fiscal year.

This represents an increase of 8% over the previous year.  This was accomplished with an average of 4,320 employees (+35), of which 917 are based in Switzerland, with approximately constant values compared to the previous year periods. Reasons for growth include price increases due to significant price inflation for the main raw material of paper, currency effects and market growth in all country markets in which the Model Group is active. CHF 54 million were invested in measures to improve quality and productivity.

Excellent turnover volumes

At its 15 production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia, the Model Group produced approx. 1.4 billion m2 of corrugated board packaging units and corrugated board sheets, 400,000 tonnes of corrugated board and over 21,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging. As the stated surface area of corrugated board is manufactured at an average width of 2.5 m, the total amount would correspond to a sheet length of roughly 540,000 km – enough to circle the globe four times and still make it to the moon.

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We expect that the overall success of corrugated board as an increasingly preferred packaging material in conjunction with our quality and productivity strategy will allow us to prosper in spite of adverse economic conditions. Investments to the tune of CHF 65 million are expected for the current fiscal year.

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