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Cervo Volante combines high quality and functionality with responsibility towards nature and the environment and timeless design.

They generally take only the tender meat and the antlers as a trophy, while the skin is used, if at all, to make chamois leather for windowcleaning. “In most cases these days, the rest is simply disposed of, even though it constitutes a natural, healthy and renewable raw material”, says wildlife biologist and founding partner Conny Thiel-Egenter.

Now, the shoemaker's daughter has joined forces with friends and business partners to ensure that at least 2,000 of over 10,000 deer hides annually will be tanned entirely organically, without using toxins, and processed as deerskin into valuable products. The name of both the project and the company speaks for itself: ‘Cervo Volante’ – the flying stag beetle. As a logo, the stag beetle represents the current renaissance of 100% organic leather production in Switzerland. Model AG was asked to produce a corrugated board shoe box for this young company.

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Mr Fischer how did you find out about Model?

Although I’d known about Model even before the age of the internet, I was doing a Google search in the autumn of 2017, looking where I might get the cleanest cardboard box in the world.

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What specifications did you have for your shoe packaging?

It had to be a high-end shoe box and robust mail-order packaging in one. We wanted it to be made mainly from recycled material, without any glue, and it had to be easy to assemble, so that it would meet the high environmental standards of our entire enterprise as well as the productionside shoe manufacturing and packing requirements. What's more, we didn't want it to land straight in the next cardboard collection when it reached the customer, so it had to be goodlooking and functional enough to be re-used.

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What other materials did you consider?

None, because at present only a clean cardboard box can meet those requirements.

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How did the Model team meet your wishes?

It couldn't have been better. We discussed things with Peter Eibl and briefed him on what we wanted: the cleanest shoe box in the world. Within ten days, he and his team had developed and produced three formats of a type of box which fulfilled all of our criteria. We loved it. For the Cervo Volante brand launch two weeks later, Model AG provided us with plotted prototypes which we could have screen-printed (overnight, thanks to Chris Hart) with our identity.

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