Emmi closes the paper cycle

‘Why throw something away if you can re-use it?’

Being renewable and recyclable, paper is the material of choice for anyone wanting to package their products sustainably. Operations at Emmi, in Ostermundigen, Canton Bern, generate large volumes of paper and cardboard that have to be disposed of. Working alongside the Model AG paper plant in Weinfelden, Emmi has now found an economical solution to re-introduce plasticcoated paper sacks into the paper cycle. That's good for both the environment and the companies concerned.

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‘Emmi Operational Excellence’

For ten years now, Emmi has been optimising its Swiss operations under the aegis of the ‘Emmi Operational Excellence’ (EOE) programme, which is based on the Japanese kaizen management approach. At the heart of EOE are continuous improvement and the participation of all concerned. In fact, most of the suggestions for improvement come from employees – with the occasional one from an external partner. In this case it was Model. In 2017, Model AG extended its recycling capabilities so that it is now able to separate paper-plastic composites in a way that enables the resulting raw materials to be fed back into the paper production cycle. In this way, paper fibres can be reused six or seven times.

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