Paper and cardboard ahead of the game.

Study proofs: Consumer focus on sustainability aspect. According to the German Retail Federation (HDE), online sales will grow to EUR 53.4 billion in 2018. The clothing industry takes the lion’s share, but the communications and entertainment industry also accounts for more than 20% of the total volume.

And it is not just the big online mail-order companies that are exploiting e-commerce. More and more stationary retailers are choosing to have online shops. Even manufacturers are setting up online marketplaces to sell their products directly. More than half of all Germans shop online several times a month. And all these products need reliable shipping packaging. Packaging that protects the product against damage, but also takes into account the needs of the sender and the expectations of the recipient. Even if used multiple times, such as for returns, the packaging should survive undamaged.

Filling material increasingly from sustainable production

Here, packaging made of solid and corrugated cardboard can play to its strengths in a time of continued booming e-commerce. The packaging can be tailored exactly to the needs of the sender and the customer through selection of the material and its construction. According to a study by the German Retail Federation, ecological handling of the packaging materials is the top priority for the end user. No wonder then that sustainable materials are also in demand for the packing used to fill the voids in the transport box. Paper padding or roll corrugated cardboard make ideal, ecological alternatives to bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Bio-degradable packaging chips are not only dimensionally stable and shock-absorbent, but are also made of 100% recyclable used paper and natural cellulose.

Retail and manufacturers rely on the expertise of packaging specialists that use not only standardised cartons and boxes of all sizes and shapes for a wide variety of products and industries in their pack shops, but also the appropriate packing material. Not to mention the experience and expertise available here, from which companies in the mail order business can benefit considerably. The risk of a sensitive item being damaged during long transport can be effectively minimised and the environmental aspect taken into account.

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