Drinks cartons

returned at Aldi, recycled at Model

Drinks cartons dropped off at Aldi are being recycled by Model and returned to the closed paper cycle.

The Fibre Evolution material processing facility, developed and patented by Model, has been processing drinks cartons and other papers that are not readily soluble in large volumes for over a year. After glass and PET bottles, drinks cartons are the third most common form of packaging for drinks; they have previously ended up in rubbish heaps, where the valuable raw fibres are incinerated.

Want to return your used drinks cartons to the paper cycle?

Drinks cartons can be dropped off at any Aldi branch along with plastic bottles and will be subsequently recycled. An automatic sorting system separates the two materials and the drinks cartons are transported to Model AG in Weinfelden for recycling. By recycling raw materials from drinks cartons, new, high-quality corrugated board papers can be manufactured and then used in distinctive packaging and displays, which are then recycled again.

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The most important facts about drinks cartons:

  • Drinks cartons are the third most common form of packaging for drinks (700 million units per year, equivalent to 20,000 tonnes)
  • While the Ordinance on Beverage Containers is applicable to glass and PET bottles, there are no provisions regulating the return of drinks cartons.
  • If drinks cartons were recycled across Switzerland, an area equal to 11,000 football fields could be spared from deforestation.
  • Today, there are already more than 200 collection points that have been voluntarily set up.
  • Customers are not required to recycle drinks cartons; according to a GfK study, however, nine out of 10 consumers would recycle drinks cartons if they had the option.
  • In practice, the successful pilot projects in various municipalities and the joint collection at ALDI SUISSE demonstrates a high customer demand for this service
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