Display Superstar Award

The hexagonal lighthouse display wins silver.

The hexagonal lighthouse display (DABSO SA – Fisherman’s Friend) wins silver at the display Superstar Awards.

For the 25th edition of the display Superstar Awards, the nominees were once again showcased in different ways. In addition to the presentation of the displays on all three days of the 2019 viscom trade fair, all 94 nominated displays were detailed in a yearbook. The awards ceremony for this coveted industry prize took place on 9 January in the Rheingoldsaal at the Rheinterasse in Düsseldorf.

Hexagonal lighthouse display wins silver

The lighthouse design captures the Fisherman’s Friend brand’s affiliation with the sea. The numerous openings on the sides allow the display to carry various flavours.

The uppermost shelf, which resembles an observation deck, offers sample-sized portions of the product. The packaging’s modular structure makes it easy to transport and handle and offers a high level of stability. The space-saving display also serves as transport packaging.

The beautiful design represents an allusion to the sea and the strong brand communication makes the packaging stand out at the point of sale. It is completely recyclable and can be customised with digital printing.

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