Certified Digital Printing Process

Standardisation and Stabilisation of Manufacturing Processes

CH - 05.12.2019: In addition to our internal lean management system (Model Top), external certifications are also used during order preparation and production for the purpose of process development and stabilisation.

Process Standard Digital concept

The Fogra ProcessStandard Digital concept allows manageable production through clear interface definitions and objective testing. To this end, economically and technically viable target values and tolerance ranges must be adhered to in all production stages. This is particularly important in digital printing, where the production steps, the materials used and the output processes are very varied. If these three aspects are taken into account, it is possible to produce reproductions independently of the specific technical conditions of a digital printing machine or different materials. For example, it is only necessary to know which printing conditions and characterisation data are to be printed.

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Consistent print quality

Standardisation therefore does not mean that materials such as substrates, inks, toner or machinery have to be standardised. On the contrary, the object of Fogra PSD is to make the wide range of materials and processes easier to manage and use in order to achieve good and consistent print quality. Only then is it possible, based on a suitable choice of materials, to identify a combination of control solutions, ink or toner and substrate. The colorimetric assessment is carried out using, for example, ISO 13655-compatible colorimeters. This means that it must be possible for a measured match between a conventional print and the digital print being tested to be verified with the visual colour appearance.

Model AG has successfully passed the certification test according to the FograCert Print Check (ProcessStandard Digital). This is another step towards the standardisation and stabilisation of our production processes.

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A summary of the advantages of Fogra PSD:

  • Increased production reliability and smooth operation
  • Reduced costs with regard to materials and time
  • Increased quality of the printed product
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The following criteria were tested on our digital printing system (GENEVA) based on the Process- Standard Digital (PSD):

  • Colour accuracy
  • Colour consistency over the course of a run of 500 copies
  • Homogeneity (visual)
  • Resolution/sharpness of detail (visual)
  • Other artefacts (visual)
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