Bronze medal for Nico Stahlberg

Nico Stahlberg grabbed the bronze medal in the men’s double sculls in Linz.

Nico Stahlberg and Roman Röösli began the World Rowing Cup in Linz-Ottensheim (Austria) after two weeks of preparation and secured third place in the double sculls event.

Ranking at the world championships can help make Olympic dreams come true.

‘After three great days of racing, during which we progressively improved our coordination, we were able to give it our all in the finals. The race once again began very fast, but this time we were right at the front of the pack. Full strokes through the middle brought us to the finish line with an edge over the quickly advancing world champions from New Zealand. The race was a blast, but we also know that, as we had so little time to prepare, there is still more potential to improve.’

In view of the world championships next year, this World Cup is also something of a trial race for FISA. ‘Because 2019 is the year before the Olympics, the world championships will be especially important. Ranking at the world championships can help make Olympic dreams come true, which is my big long-term goal,’ says Nico Stahlberg.

The combination to be used in the third and final World Cup this year in Lucerne (13-15 July) has yet to be decided and will be chosen in the next few days. Model hopes that Nico enjoys continued success in his preparation for the Swiss Championships (7-8 July), where he will once again compete in the single sculls, and we also wish him luck for his upcoming graduation exams at university.

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