Stylish, chic and sustainable

handbags made of corrugated cardboard from Franziska Fashion.

The innovative company has been pursuing an extraordinary business concept since 2006: bags made of sustainable corrugated cardboard.

The original idea was to launch a product that was not run-of-the-mill, something quite unique. It had to feel really special to carry one of these bags. And the sustainable solid cardboard makes these bags a unique and extraordinary accessory

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Model recently produced the Gracey model. What’s special about Gracey and who is your target audience for this model, Ms Ospelt?

The Gracey model is the embodiment of a brand new, elegant and charming bag. It exudes that certain something. We have opened up a completely new dimension with it. It makes it possible to inspire women of all ages. With Gracey, we reach women from the age of 30. We don’t see an upper age limit for this bag.

What requirements are placed on the material when you produce your bags?

Very high demands. So superior expertise in processing cardboard is needed. But with Gracey, the material is not the only hero; the shape and finish also make it really special. And that’s why working with Model as a partner is extremely important to us. We know that all the requirements in terms of shape, design and, most importantly, functionality will be met.

Creativity, functionality and sustainability are equally important with your products. How has Model managed to tick all these boxes?

We have had an excellent relationship with Model for a long time. That’s the only way it’s possible to meet these challenges professionally. The fastener, handle and velvet band underline the exceptionally attractive appearance of the bag. In addition, an E flute was punched and glued. Hot foil stamping and lamination with winter paper also contribute to the elegant look. And the bag is available in four colours.

Why is Model your supplier of choice?

First, because Model is very near us – that makes communication much easier. Second, because we have found a 100% reliable partner, one that understands our wishes and knows how to implement our requirements perfectly.

How has the market reacted to the new bag model?

Enthusiasm in the market is huge. And on social media, the reactions range from curious to enthusiastic. There just hasn’t been this kind of product ever before.

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