A solution for any size

Model Group – Corrugated board packaging knows hardly any limits – even when it comes to size.

Transport packaging made of corrugated board is the true all-rounder of packaging solutions. Even if protecting the product from damage continues to be its main purpose, it is clear that much more is expected from today’s transport packaging. And corrugated board can meet this demand: whether tiny or huge, produced in large or limited batches, brown or brightly coloured, minimalist or luxurious – it’s ergonomic and efficient, durably constructed and yet easy to flatten. In an era of global trade, rapidly advancing digitalisation, increasingly popular e-commerce marketplaces and louder demands for recycling and resource-saving approaches to production, corrugated board offers excellent opportunities for the future of logistics.


Fact & Figures Corrugated board turnover 2017

  • 8 billion square metres of corrugated board – that’s an increase of 230 million compared to the previous year3/4 der Waren werden weltweit in Karton verpackt
  • 3/4 of goods around the world are packaged in cardboard
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