E-commerce packaging

How do you sell an idea at the online POS?

By packaging it in a way that gives customers ideas. Model’s gift box for the Geschenkidee online shop shows that a picture of packaging sometimes speaks more than a thousand words – and it highlights what packaging is all about in the e-commerce marketplace.

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Mr Metze, Model has designed and produced an extraordinary piece of gift packaging for Geschenkidee.de. As a seasoned producer of packaging, what made this particular job stand out for you?

Oliver Metze: Oliver Metze: We faced two main challenges. The first was developing a packaging solution within a relatively short time frame to promote the new product – an exclusive gift set from Hotelcard – in the online shop at Geschenkidee.de. The primary packaging basically has to function as a sales display on the website while at the same time meeting all the usual requirements for delivery. The second challenge was that this is a special and yet rather unspectacular product that needs to be attractively packaged so it can grab people’s attention.

Mr Riedel, please tell us more about the item in question.

Toni Riedel: The item itself is a voucher for 50% off hotel bookings, but it comes in a gift box along with a bottle of sparkling wine. Since this is a discounted offer, we’ve presented it permanently and exclusively in our Sale, as well as in the Experience Gifts section, of our online shop since December 2017.

To what extent did all this influence the packaging concept?

Toni Riedel: The packaging is designed to whet your appetite for visiting the cities where Hotelcard has partner hotels. Adding the bottle of wine paints a picture in the buyer’s mind as to where and how it could be enjoyed on their holiday. The design of the gift box also has to make it clear at a glance that this is an exclusive offer from Hotelcard and Geschenkidee.

Oliver Metze

The only thing that was certain from the outset was that we would not just be selling the Hotelcard. We needed to create an attractive package to make what in truth is a fairly small item look really big – and fast! The new product was scheduled to go on sale about three months after our first discussion, so we had just six weeks to develop the packaging concept and produce prototypes. The time pressure was huge, and it continued into the production phase. Within the space of eight and a half weeks, we had to choose the design, make a few minor adjustments, prepare the die-cutting template, produce and adapt the image in conjunction with the printing firm, complete the final calculations, get everything signed off – price, die-cutting, printing, delivery time – and carry out production and roll-out. The lead time for a project like this is normally at least three months.


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