A Match Made in Heaven

Folding box packaging enhances organic products

DE - 14.11.2019: Some things just complement each other perfectly and go together in a completely natural way. This is especially true of organic products and folding box packaging, which were practically made for each other. This is also echoed by the conclusion of a study carried out by Justus Liebig University Giessen on behalf of Fachverband Faltschachtel Industrie (German association for the folding box industry) and Pro Carton.

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Cardboard is predestined for use with organic products

Bio-based material cycles have become an important element of an ecologically oriented, sustainable economic system. In light of this, it’s no wonder that organic products and folding cardboard boxes are an excellent match in the eyes of the consumer. Cardboard is, after all, the ultimate sustainable packaging material and therefore virtually predestined for use with organic products. Cardboard is extremely easy to recycle and can be reused over and over again. At the end of its life cycle, cardboard is readily compostable together with organic waste.

The study showed that organic products and cardboard packaging complement each other perfectly and that the packaging also has a decisive impact on the customer’s purchasing decision. This is because emotional aspects also play a major role in addition to the rational decision to purchase more sustainable packaging. Organic products that are sealed in plastic wrap or packaged in plastic boxes are also a thorn in the side of consumers. «In most categories, organic products are seen as being better, of higher quality, more sustainable or more authentic if they are packaged in cardboard instead of plastic.»

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Also applies to e-commerce

Those who want to eat healthily and do something not only for themselves but also for the environment want packaging that is as recyclable and biodegradable as possible. Even when it comes to online shopping, where there’s no way to touch and feel it, the packaging has a definite impact on the perception of consumers. As an alternative, cardboard is even received more positively by consumers for products like coffee, biscuits, cereal, soap and chocolate even though they’re usually in plastic packaging in shops. They see it as being better, of higher quality and more sustainable. The product and packaging give each other a boost. According to the study, environmentally friendly packaging increases the likelihood that consumers will purchase a product by an average of 13 percent. «For organic products, the difference in valuation between cardboard and plastic is higher. This means that the increase in value that can be achieved by the cardboard packaging is higher for organic products.»

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Cardboard increases the level of authenticity

As a result, organic products greatly benefit from packaging made from cardboard. Manufacturers and distributors can increase the sales appeal for identical products just by favouring folding boxes as packaging. Cardboard increases the level of authenticity and reflects a high level of environmental awareness. Because of this, people who buy organic products are much more willing to follow up their positive perception with a concrete purchase decision.

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