ISO Certification

CH - 12.12.2019 - Earlier this year, the management system at Model AG Switzerland was audited by the certification body. As part of the audit, Model Packaging in Weinfelden was recertified according to ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

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Zertifizierter Digitaldruck-Prozess

CH - 05.12.2019: Nicht nur unser internes Lean-Management-System (Model Top), sondern auch externe Zertifizierungen werden für die Prozessweiterentwicklung und deren Stabilisierung in der Auftragsvorbereitung und Fertigung angewendet.

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Verpackung Zoe & Zazu

"Zoe & Zazu" wins German Design Award 2020

CH - 25.11.2019: The packaging by Model AG is this year’s winner of the German Design Award in the category „Excellent Product Design – Retail“. The jury bestows this award on extraordinary packaging designs for retail.

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Flexible Processes

CH - 21.11.2019: Model Copack Plus in Niedergösgen – a one-stop source for wide-ranging technical capabilities.

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A Match Made in Heaven

DE - 14.11.2019: Some things just complement each other perfectly and go together in a completely natural way. This is especially true of organic products and folding box packaging, which were practically made for each other. This is also echoed by the conclusion of a study carried out by Justus Liebig University Giessen on behalf of Fachverband Faltschachtel Industrie (German association for the folding box industry) and Pro Carton.

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Training: Paper Technologists

CH - 08.11.2019: Participating in the three-year paper technologist apprenticeship at Model takes a knack for technology and manual dexterity. The reason for this? The industrial production of paper and cardboard involves properly setting and controlling computerised machines, continuously supervising production and monitoring the quality of processes. Understanding the complex technology and the chemical processes requires a sufficient level of technical and scientific understanding.

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Ecologically Sensible

CH - 22.10.2019: Organically grown food, production-oriented marketing and sustainable packaging – it’s all part of a strategy with an increasing number of supporters.

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On Demand Packaging

DE - 15.10.2019: Collaboration between Packsize and Model - responding to the growing on demand packaging market.

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Remarkably out of the Ordinary

CH - 07.10.2019: Extravagant products call for sophisticated presentation. Konrad Lifestyle’s exquisite wines and champagnes pose quite a unique challenge in this regard.

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Model Box 109 - Developement - Excerpt

Model Box No. 109

CH - 03.09.2019: In the last issue of Model Box, Andreas Rufer welcomed you with a call for the creation of a win-win situation. Andreas Kaiser is only too happy to seize this opportunity to explain to you how we can better leverage our win-win potential together and in concrete terms. Enjoy the reading!

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Easy harvesting in a trendy box Excerpt

Easy harvesting in a trendy box

CH - 19.07.2019: Vitamin-rich microgreens can be picked directly from the box in Model's smart packaging solution.

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Strong contrasts for bigger effects

Model Kramp GmbH’s packaging for the new MUGLER men’s fragrance is distinguished by stark contrasts.

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Print Technology

Model GmBH, Berka/Werra, offers extensive preprint expertise

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Model Platform Excellence

The packaging of the future will be intelligent and will not deceive the buyer.

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Product Packaging Trend

London, New York, Tokyo – globalisation presents brand owners, and therefore the packaging industry, with ever new challenges.

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Modelgroup Handcreme Display Excerpt

Cutting-edge packaging solutions

CH - 11.04.2019: This display is edgy. Thanks to its various cubes, geometric design and exceptional processing, it is literally ahead of the curve and demonstrates the potential of new trends in packaging.

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Model Box Nr. 108 - «Kooperation»

Model Box Nr. 108 - «Cooperation»

Wouldn’t we all like to experience more «win-win situations»? Collaborations and alliances that stimulate and accelerate joint ventures with optimum results?

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A solution for any size

Transport packaging made of corrugated board is the true all-rounder of packaging solutions. Even if protecting the product from damage continues to be its main purpose, it is clear that much more is expected from today’s transport packaging.

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This packaging will put a smile on your face

The boxes should be highly functional and they should also reflect the high quality of the discerning service. In addition, they should leave the customers – you could say, the brand ambassadors – with a positive impression, even after treatment has finished.

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Displays: Variability is the motto

Displays must be quick and easy to transport and simple to set up on-site. They should take up little space and make optimum use of the space. And, of course, they must be fit for purpose, with an optimal display of the product at the POS.

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Model Tec - Ready for Solutions

Model Tec: conceptual support with the planning of packaging facilities. Our specialists focus on the improvement of packaging processes and offer targeted support with all questions related to application technology.

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E-commerce: Paper and cardboard ahead of the game

Study proofs: Consumer focus on sustainability aspect. According to the German Retail Federation (HDE), online sales will grow to EUR 53.4 billion in 2018.

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The hexagonal lighthouse display wins silver

The hexagonal lighthouse display (DABSO SA – Fisherman’s Friend) wins silver at the display Superstar Awards.

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An extraordinary business concept

Stylish, chic and sustainable: handbags made of corrugated cardboard from Franziska Fashion.

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Modelgroup Displays Fishermans Friend Leuchtturm Display

Lighthouse Display

Honored with the German Packaging Award 2018 in the category product presentation.

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Modelgroup Transportverpackungen Cervo Volante Hirschlederprodukte

Cervo Volante

For a future after 2050: Cervo Volante combines in its deerskin products high quality and functionality with responsibility to nature and the environment.

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For a future beyond 2050

In its deerskin products, Cervo Volante combines high quality and functionality with responsibility towards nature and the environment and timeless design that can be handed down to the next generation with a clear conscience.

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Model David Vitalizer Drink transport packaging

Vitalizer Drink

Emotionally packaged with optimum protection in high-quality digital printing technology.

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Model InSmoke Liquid transport packaging

InSmoke Liquid

High-quality and attractive transport packaging at the point of sale. Swiss Made Liquids visually highlighted.

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Model Verte Suisse Absinthe transport packaging

Verte Suisse Absinthe

Authentic absinthe: Distillate of wormwood, a special herbal mixture and purest alcohol.

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Model Luckys Natural Bricks transport packaging

Luckys Natural Bricks

A new, sustainable path and thus an important contribution to health and environment with Arboblend, the biodegradable material.

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Kägi Good Luck Dispenser transport packaging

Kägi Good Luck Dispenser

The Kägi team came up with something very special for the 2018 football summer: the Kägi Winner.

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Model Truffes Grand Cru food packaging

Truffles Grand Cru

Balance between preservation and change - perfected confectionery creations daily from all over the world.

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Model Läderach Mini Mousse food packaging

Mini Mousses

Individual, solution-oriented and aesthetic packaging design with the focus on "airy and light".

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Model Golden Swiss Matterhorn food packaging

Golden Swiss Matterhorn

A piece of Switzerland - visible to the whole world - in a highly refined special packaging.

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Model Hugo Boss Iced cosmetics packaging

Boss Iced

Fine feathers make fine birds. And fine packaging makes fine products. After all, it usually transports more emotion and feeling than the actual product itself.

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Model Appenzeller Blütencreme cosmetics packaging

Appenzeller Blütencreme

Unique and rich feel-good flower cream from the Appenzeller Land - packed in premium "Buttertöpfli" (butter pot).

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Model Scania v8 Tray gift packaging

Scania v8 tray

Making difficult brand colours printable - mastering corporate colours skilfully with CMYK.

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Model Swiss Teabox gift packaging

Tea box

A high-quality rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure for the special kind of customer communication.

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Model Wolford Limited Edition gift packaging

Wolford Limited Edition

Femininity brought to the point: The contents keep what the packaging promises!

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Model Performance Chemicals dangerous goods packaging

Performance chemicals

Sturdy, functional and recyclable - resealable for the removal of small quantities.

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Model Durgol Display

durgol express

Durable all-round display on three different types of carriers. A perfect symbiosis of quality and modularity.

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Model Zweifel EM goal display

Zweifel "EM Goal"

Modular display at the point of sale "EM Goal" of Zweifel - already an absolute profit maker.

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Model Gottlieber Spezialitäten Display

Gottlieber Spezialitäten

Indulgence with peace of conscience: Premium, certified, organically grown ingredients prepared in a small manufactory.

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Model Schiesser Display

Schiesser display

Contemporary spirit and quality: Heightened attention for nightwear at the point of sale.

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Model Dumet Shelf Ready Display

Dumet "Cielos"

Soft on the inside and crisp on the outside: Air-dried olives in a crispy rice flour coat.

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Model Evian Flap Display

Evian flap display

Winner of the German Packaging Award 2015 in the category display and promotional packaging.

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Model implements global redesign of Oil of Olaz packaging

A chance to look younger and enjoy life to the fullest without it leaving any visible traces – who doesn’t want to age a little differently? The Oil of Olaz Regenerist and Total Effects lines claim to be able to alter the ageing process. However, this message must be conveyed by more than the product and its ingredients, which is why the packaging has undergone its own visual makeover.

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Smart Luxury Packaging

Packaging conveys a clear brand message. Ingenious design, elaborate printing and a clear brand message are one thing, but stable protection, efficient handling and optimum returnability are the other side of luxury packaging.

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A picture of e-commerce packaging

How do you sell an idea at the online POS? By packaging it in a way that gives customers ideas. Model’s gift box for the Geschenkidee online shop shows that a picture of packaging sometimes speaks more than a thousand words – and it highlights what packaging is all about in the e-commerce marketplace.

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Design Award for InShape packaging

The InShape packaging for e-cigarette liquids has won the German Design Award 2019.

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I’m a Model – pioneering packaging

This display stands out! Last month at the Fachpack, Model presented its newest display for the first time. Its cubic design sets it apart from conventional displays and gives it a new fresh look.

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Zoe & Zazu wins Pro Carton Excellence Award 2018!

Zoë & Zazu packaging wins the Carton Excellence Award 2018, which honours the best packaging solutions in Europe. The packaging topped the ‘Frozen & Chilled Foods’ category.

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Award Ceremony German Packaging Award

German Packaging Award confirms that display are in fashion!

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Drinks cartons: returned at Aldi, recycled at Model

Drinks cartons dropped off at Aldi are being recycled by Model and returned to the closed paper cycle.

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Winner of the Prix SVC (Swiss Venture Club) Eastern Switzerland, 2018

The corvaglia Group manufactures cap solutions for PET bottles in Canton Thurgau, Switzerland and in Mexico. Its products set global standards.

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Winners in ‘Presentation of goods’ category

Model made an excellent showing at the German Packaging Awards this year, taking home two trophies.

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Emmi closes the paper cycle

Recycling - ‘Why throw something away if you can re-use it?’ Ruedi Heuberger, Head of Ice Cream Production, Ostermundigen.

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Model Box Nr. 107 - «Trend»

Model Box Nr. 107 - «Trend»

Demands are increasing. We are seeing this in many areas of life. Things that used to be accepted without question are now critically scrutinised.

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Model Box Nr. 106 - «Einzigartig»

Model Box Nr. 106 - «Unique»

Where there is uniqueness, there is a market, a forum for exchange in which the diversity of human life can be celebrated.

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LuxePack Monaco

Join us for another edition of LuxePack in Monaco! From 1–3 October 2018, LuxePack in Monaco will host the most important players in the perfume and cosmetics industry.

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Award for Model Opakowania, Nowa Sól

Model Opakowania Sp. z o.o., one of the market leaders in the production of cardboard packaging, was awarded a statuette and certificate of “Wzorowa Firma” [Excellent Company] for its activity. The award was received by the Plant Manager - Mr Artur Drozdek.

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Bronze medal for Nico Stahlberg

Last weekend, rower Nico Stahlberg grabbed the bronze medal in the men’s double sculls in Linz.

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For sweet tooths and football fans

We have repeatedly shown that corrugated board is a versatile material; this time, we created a product especially for football fans to commemorate the World Cup.

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Group’s growth continues 2019

Model Holding AG, Switzerland - The Model Group recorded consolidated Group revenue of CHF 991 million in the 2018 fiscal year. This represents an increase of 8% over the previous year.

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Group’s growth continues

The Model Group, which operates in the field of cardboard and corrugated board packaging, recorded consolidated Group revenue of CHF 915 million in the 2017 fiscal year. This represents an increase of 4.6% over the previous year.

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More brand – less waste

Smart, recyclable solutions that push a brand’s image are in demand. Sometimes it’s simply torn open and discarded without another thought.

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Packaging and its trends over time

The packaging industry has always adapted to social trends. But it is by no means a one-way relationship.

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Local Engagement for Youth – with Youth – for the Future

‘For youth, with youth’ – With this as our motto, we have partnered with an innovative, long-term project based in Thurgau doing groundbreaking work.

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Model Box Nr. 105 - «Sorgfalt»

Model Box Nr. 105 - «Care»

Care is a word with positive connotations. However, it isn't just a virtue, but also a statutory obligation for employees, employers, suppliers and drivers.

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Your Partner for Co-Packing

Focus on your core business and leave the packaging and shipping to us.

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Model setzt duftenden Akzent

Packaging with scented varnish enables new experiences at the POS.

Packaging coated with scented varnish gives off the fragrance of the enclosed perfume via microscopic capsules, offering new opportunities at the POS.

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Transport packaging as intelligent units

Transport packaging is getting smarter, creating an ideal basis for Logistics 4.0 – at least, that is the claim made in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), commissioned by the German corrugated board industry association VDW.

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Model GmbH at Empack, NL-Utrecht

After a successful EMPACK fair in Mechelen, Belgium, Model will be an exhibitor at EMPACK Utrecht, Netherlands, again.

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The Model Young Package Award 2019

The largest competition of its kind, is open for submissions. Over the last 20 years, the Model Young Package competition has offered hundreds of young designers around the world the opportunity to showcase their original ideas.

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Model SA at Agrovina

Model SA will appear at AGROVINA in Martigny from 23 – 26 January 2018 with an exciting new stand design.

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Model Kramp turns brands into a sensory experience

Clothes make people stand out – and packaging does the same for products. Indeed, it generally conveys more emotion and feeling than the product itself.

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Model We know the short cuts!

Looking for the fast track? We know the short cuts!

Corrugated board is a strong material. Thanks to its fluting, it is as light as it is robust, wonderfully recyclable, and is manufactured largely from waste paper.

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Model Box Nr. 104 - «Industrie 4.0»

Model Box Nr. 104 - «Industry 4.0»

Production 4.0. But what does this industrial revolution actually involve? A revolution results in lasting, fundamental structural change to one or more systems.

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