Model Schiesser Display

Schiesser sales point display

Contemporary spirit and quality: Heightened attention for nightwear at the point of sale.

  • Schiesser Schweiz AG, Kreuzlingen (CH)
  • Size adjustable cardboard blank
  • Loaded with Model Co-Packing
  • From conception to implementation

Schiesser. Natural. Contemporary spirit. Since 1875. A close connection to values and tradition, paired with innovative product ideas and top service. The point of sale display for the Schiesser nightwear collection.

In the year 1875 Jacques Schiesser founded the company SCHIESSER. The market leader among the German underwear specialists knows how to create suitable products from the field of day- and nightwear for women, men and children to meet different needs. Meanwhile a success story of more than 135 years, which across all social changes and economic challenges is based both on timeless values such as quality and naturalness as well as on innovative strength and flexibility. What was valid in the past will be even more so in the future. The brand puts this claim into a nutshell in a few concise words: SCHIESSER. Natural. Contemporary spirit. Since 1875.

Mrs Seib├╝chler and Mrs Riget, the SCHIESSER logo is programme and represents the new appearance of the brand: Concentration on the essentials and on individual and emotional strengths. What was the assignment you gave Model's product developers to do justice to this claim in product presentation as well?

We put a lot of emphasis on our values such as naturalness, contemporary spirit and quality and also strongly live by these qualities. With the Model display, we want to put these values in the foreground in addition to a perfect presentation of our products - always with the focus on reflecting the above-mentioned philosophy. The choice of display raw materials and the slightly bevelled design have lead to a beautifully done implementation.

Where did Model support you particularly well in the whole process?

For us, a campaign of this kind was the first on the Swiss market, so we had to rely on professional support.

Our motto is: "Communication creates solutions." This was certainly confirmed during the collaboration with Model. Model's customer consultant was always there to help us during the project and also spared no effort in advising us on site. We greatly appreciated this service.

Also, our own ideas have constantly evolved thanks to the discussions with Model. For example, the respective compartments of the display were not completely filled with goods. In order to ensure an appealing presentation, we needed an appropriate solution that matched the entire display concept. Model has solved this request well in the form of a size-adjustable cardboard blank. So we were able to present our nightwear collection in an appealing way.

What are your expectations on this additional placement in the Swiss retail market?

The need for the display arose because our customer does not carry our SCHIESSER nightwear collection in all his stores. The display is intended to attract attention at the point of sale and to make people aware that SCHIESSER is both a supplier of men's pyjamas in the nightwear segment and is additionally represented in the women's and children's segments. We cultivate the SCHIESSER family concept under the motto "WE" - which is also literally reflected in our range.

Of course, this project also aims to open up new markets and expand existing ones.

Is a continuation planned if the presentation of the nightwear campaign produces a positive result?

If the pilot project has a positive outcome, a continuation or extension of a display campaign to be implemented with Model is conceivable.

By delivering the displays in a pre-assembled condition, you have taken advantage of a part of Model's co-packing offer. Can you imagine using the complete offer - namely that Model not only assembles the displays, but also packs the contents at the same time - for a repeat order?

For us it is good and important to know that Model offers the service of complete co-packing. When placing the next order, we will definitely check the relevant possibilities.

With Model as a partner, you have selected a supplier who attaches great importance to closed cycles and sustainability. Which values are important to you?

As already mentioned at the beginning, we are talking about naturalness in our materials - thus the choice of a sustainable material, such as corrugated board, was conceivable for us. This demand for sustainability has made it easy for us to decide on Model as our supplier.

Naturalness in materials and design determines the basic orientation of the superior collections. What demands do you place on your packaging supplier?

In principle we have the same demands as on our collection: Naturalness, contemporary spirit, quality and sustainability.

To what extent were these fulfilled by Model?

We find ourselves reflected in Model. The basis of the natural product corrugated board also complements well our SCHIESSER philosophy of naturalness.

What do you desire from Model in the future?

Innovation, mutual exchange of experience and active communication.

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Communication creates solutions. This was certainly confirmed during the collaboration with Model.
Uschi Riget
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