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Lighthouse Display

Honored with the German Packaging Award 2018 - the iconic lighthouse display by Fisherman's Friend.

  • FISHERMAN'S FRIEND Honey & Lemon
  • Quick set up and assembly at the POS
  • Lighthouse design with reference to the brand origin
  • Two different displays - a uniform design

Double-crowned display for two different flavors Fisherman's Friend: An unbroken track record since 1865.

The two iconic lighthouse displays strengthen the FISHERMAN’S FRIEND brand image. After all, the lighthouse is closely associated with the maritime life of the strong men on the high seas.

  • Silver at the Display Superstar Award 2019
  • Winner of the German Packaging Award 2018
  • Optimal combination of functionality and creativity
  • Display as a symbol for EXTRA STRONG fishermen on the high seas

Ms Stämpfli, FISHERMAN’S FRIEND has enjoyed uninterrupted success since 1865. What are your plans for the future?

FISHERMAN’S FRIEND lozenges were first imported into Switzerland in 1978 and have been very popular ever since. This year, we have the honour of looking back on 40 successful years in Switzerland. There are some interesting projects in the pipeline for the future, which we hope will open up new market segments and boost brand loyalty. Among other things, we will be launching new flavours, developing new communication campaigns and constantly adapting the POS materials to the needs of our partners.

Can we look forward to new flavours?

The FISHERMAN’S FRIEND flavour «Honey & Lemon» will be introduced in the winter season. The new flavour is not just refreshing, but also an excellent remedy for coughs, colds and hoarseness. Model is currently developing two lighthouse displays for the POS area.

What was the reason for this design?

The key idea behind these two displays was to highlight the origin of the brand using the lighthouse design. The lighthouse symbolises an enormously important element in the life of the EXTRA STRONG fishermen on the high seas.

Why did you opt for two different display shapes?

We offer two sizes of FISHERMAN’S FRIEND lozenges, a single pack with 25 g and a duo pack with 2 x 25 g. We wanted two solutions to cover both products – but in the same uniform design. The two versions do exactly that very successfully.

What was the focus on more – creativity or functionality?

A combination of the two. On one hand, it is very important for us that the displays are quick to assemble and set up, but the design should also be attractive and well suited to the brand. Thanks to excellent collaboration with Michael Grasberger and Ralph Meier, we managed to find the best solution for us. The displays are super in terms of functionality since they are very fast to assemble and the holders can be filled individually. Also, the lighthouse can be recognised even from afar.

How important is it for you that the packaging is sustainable?

We encourage sustainable display solutions. Logistically, however, it is sometimes difficult to collect the displays and reassemble them. But this is definitely an aspect that should continue to be pursued in the future.

Why is Model your supplier of choice?

Collaboration with Model always runs quickly and flexibly. We appreciate the lively exchange and know we can rely on good quality and punctuality. In addition, the direct contact with Ralph Meier really helps us convey ideas and suggestions and discuss possible options. That way, we can be sure we end up with the best version.

Do your fans ever ask for the displays to use at home, so they can feel closer to the brand?

We have not had any such requests from end consumers yet. But, who knows, maybe one day a customer will like one of the lighthouse displays so much that they will want to take it home.

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Working with Model is very fast and flexible. We value the lively exchange and can rely on good quality and punctuality.
Mirjam Stämpfli
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