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Gottlieber Spezialitäten

Offering indulgence with peace of conscience: Premium, certified, organically grown ingredients prepared in a small manufactory.

  • Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG, Gottlieben (CH)
  • Wafer-thin crêpes, no thicker than 0.7 mm
  • Unique treat, enjoyed far beyond the country’s borders
  • No artificial colourings or flavour enhancers

A great tradition with a future "Gottlieber Hüppen" (filled wafer rolls) are known far beyond the country's borders as a unique treat.

It all started in 1928. On a very small scale. Elisabeth Wegeli was introduced to the art of baking "Hüppen" by her neighbour... Today, many years later, the "Gottlieber Hüppen" are known far beyond the country's borders as a unique treat. In the Swiss "Hüppen" manufactory, directly on the idyllic Lake Rhine/Lake Constance in Gottlieben, the wafer-thin warm crêpes, no thicker than 0.7 mm, are still baked individually as in the past and rolled individually like the leaf of a precious Havana cigar. This is done very carefully and meticulously, as if by hand.

  • Long-term partnership with strong connections to Model
  • Exceptionally high readiness to deliver and very high quality
  • Sales and marketing far beyond the country’s borders
  • Originally conceived concept was adapted according to the wishes of the customer

Mrs Rivas, in your indulgence and product philosophy you write that Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG is committed to the responsible use of limited resources and therefore attaches great importance to avoiding unnecessary journeys during transport. Was that one of the reasons why you chose Model AG as your supplier?

Absolutely. We are a small, owner-managed manufactory. Very often our specialities are given away as a present and it is therefore our special concern to offer indulgence with peace of conscience. In concrete terms, this means that we also rely on premium, certified, organically grown ingredients and fair-trade raw materials. For instance, we exclusively use organic free-range eggs. We do not use any preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers or hardened fats. In my opinion, these efforts would only be worth half as much if the packaging were procured as cheaply as possible in Eastern Europe or in a low-wage country even further away and long transport distances were accepted for this.

What else spoke for the cooperation with Model AG?

We have been working together with Model AG for over 40 years. I am basically convinced that we will do better in the medium and long term if we rely on long-term partnerships in procurement and do not constantly award contracts for print orders to other manufacturers simply because they currently offer the lowest prices. In addition, due to the short distances, the Model AG personnel responsible for "Gottlieber Hüppen" can quickly get to Gottlieben if there is anything to discuss. We, on the other hand, can take part in print approvals without any major expenditure of time. Personal contact with our suppliers is very important to us.

The display produced by Model in autumn 2013 had to be revised, what was the reason for this?

A courageous question [laughs]. On the one hand, one or two design faults had to be rectified. On the other hand, the basic idea of a lightweight display with shelf units that seem to float in the air had been somewhat lost in the end product and therefore had to be revised.

What was improved in the second design?

In addition to the points already mentioned, efforts were also made to improve sturdiness.

Your corporate philosophy states: Of course, we're not perfect either. But we are working on it and are learning every day. Where is Model AG not perfect?

Wherever people work, mistakes happen. It is the employees who make up Model AG. Just like us, Model AG is therefore not perfect and never will be. Which is fine as long as you try to uphold quality and learn from mistakes.

What can the Model team do differently in order to improve?

The price must certainly be fair. However, quality is our top priority. It is essential, from the first to the last step, and it is here that the Model team should work towards even greater continuity. As an example the printing of our new gastronomy package comes to mind. Due to the complexity, Model had each step accompanied by an expert of the respective production stage. However, the finished packaging was not carefully palletised and was damaged during transport. That certainly hurt both of us.

Where do you see the strengths of your packaging partner Model AG?

Our former owner told me that we have been working with Model since he can remember, i.e. at least for the 40 years already mentioned. An impressive number, which certainly is not a coincidence. The main reasons for this loyalty are the above-average readiness to deliver and the usually very high quality of the packaging solutions.

What do you desire from Model in the future?

Quality, quality and once again quality.

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Quality is our top guiding principle. We do not use any preservatives, artificial colours, flavour enhancers or hardened fats.
Andrea Rivas
Head of Marketing and Sales, Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG
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