Model Durgol Display

durgol express

Durable all-round display on three different types of carriers. A perfect symbiosis of quality and modularity.

  • Düring AG - Dällikon, Zurich (CH)
  • Carriers made of wood, CHEP and dolly pallets possible
  • Extreme load carrying capacity with 35 kg per shelf board
  • Modular display in 3- or 4-layer design

Swiss efficiency against lime scale The new display solution for the durgol brand offers Swiss descaling products a stable and modular platform.

The production of the durgol display was a big challenge due to the application on three different carriers (wood, CHEP and dolly pallet). In addition, each shelf board of the display is loaded with approx. 35 kg. With the requirements regarding filling and weight, we surely have come close to the limit of what cardboard can achieve at all.

  • Point of sale product display for any descaling problem
  • "Made in Switzerland" with sales at home and abroad

  • Open partnership-based relationship with prices in line with the market

  • Display assignment: From conception to implementation and fine-tuning

Swiss, reliable, leading in quality - this is what the durgol brand has stood for since 1951. durgol offers a solution for any descaling problem.

Based on the number of packages sold, our durgol swiss espresso, a specially developed product for descaling coffee machines, is the best-selling product. The recipe for durgol swiss espresso was developed so that no more foam is generated and thus the hoses in the coffee machines are not damaged. As a result, other recipes were developed, such as durgol swiss steamer.

Mr Hügli, durgol, a hydrochloric acid-based descaling agent, was created in 1951. How has the recipe changed since then?

The basic product still corresponds to the basic recipe of durgol forte. The recipe was only marginally changed to remain within the statutory guidelines. In the meantime, however, a large selection of different recipes has been developed under the durgol brand, always adapted to the needs of our customers. Our best-selling product in terms of quantity is our durgol express, which is known abroad as durgol Universal.

Is it even possible to improve on durgol?

It is my opinion that everything can be improved on. This is also one thing that drives me - never stopping and always adapting to the demands of the market. We have an almost perfect product, but the applications will continue to evolve. There is a development in the direction of ecology; here too we have already taken the first steps. In cooperation with Coop, we have already launched a biodegradable product on the market. There will most certainly be further adaptations, whether as a result of legislation or due to further changes to the appliances. We will continue to develop our products in such a way that they are market and consumer oriented.

You produce and distribute your products in Switzerland and other markets. Why are you holding on to Switzerland as a business location?

We are very convinced of our Swiss quality. We not only hold on to Switzerland as a production location, but we also prefer Swiss suppliers wherever economically possible. We depend on short delivery times and highly reliable partners. Another reason is that "Swissness" is inextricably linked with durgol. We are convinced that the source of origin "Made in Switzerland" will help us to sell abroad. Our products are not only labelled Switzerland, they also contain Switzerland.

What convinced you to choose Model as your display supplier?

Definitely the proximity and the close contact. But it has certainly also been helpful to bundle Models' expertise with our own. Because with our requirements regarding loading and weight, we surely have come close to the limit of what cardboard can achieve at all. Here we have not much leeway left. We hoped to achieve an increase in efficiency during assembly compared to the predecessor model.

Model has developed a display for you. What did your catalogue of requirements stipulate?

The really tough challenge was that it must be possible to mount the display on three different types of carriers such as wood, CHEP and dolly pallets. In addition, we have customers who require a 3-layer display, while for others we are compelled to provide a 4-layer display. In addition, there are customers who put a limit on the overall height of the display and at the same time demand lateral accessibility.

Did Model satisfy all these requirements?

All requirements and needs were incorporated. But it's like a re-design. It is implemented and then the fine-tuning is done. And that's how it is with us. The display was implemented and we are very satisfied. But now we must still take care of the fine-tuning.

Let’s talk about sustainability. What significance does this topic have in your company, or what is particularly important to you?

We attach great importance to not wasting resources unnecessarily. However, in our industry, which manufactures chemical-technical products, we are also somewhat limited in this respect. Although we do not manufacture environmentally hazardous products, we live with the problem that our products are acid-based and therefore mostly inorganic. This means that they do not damage the environment, but are not biodegradable either. That's why we're a little trapped here. However, as already mentioned, we have meanwhile developed a biodegradable product with purely organic acids. In order to conserve further resources, we try to buy locally, if at all possible within a radius of 75 km.

How do you and your employees implement sustainability?

In waste management we separate our materials. Plastics and cardboard are taken for recycling and this reduces our waste to a minimum.

Have there been any requirements on the display in this respect?

No, we didn't discuss that, quality was paramount here. But of course we assume that the display will be recycled at the end of its useful life.

What do you desire from Model in the future?

To maintain an open, cooperative relationship. Of course, prices in line with the market are also important. In Switzerland we must not consider ourselves an island, but must face up to the challenges and continue to automate in order to remain competitive. This applies not only to us and Model, but to the entire Swiss economy.

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It is my opinion that everything can be improved on. This is also one thing that drives me - never stopping and always adapting to the demands of the market.
Andres Hügli
COO Düring AG
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