Model Dumet Shelf Ready Display

Dumet "Cielos" - shelf ready packaging

Soft on the inside and crisp on the outside: Air-dried olives in a crispy rice flour coat.

  • Dumet AG, Steinhausen (CH)
  • Efficient loading of the sales shelves
  • Assembled in seconds, easy product removal
  • Display: Easy to set up, efficient and reliable

Display and shelf ready packaging Simple, resilient, reliable and cost-effective!

Dumet AG imports first-class olives, fills them into stand-up pouches and distributes them worldwide. For this purpose, they had Model develop and produce a display that can be erected in seconds, as well as shelf ready packaging that enables efficient loading of the sales shelves and easy product removal.

  • Production of several prototypes and alternatives
  • Market leader in Switzerland - export to Germany, Austria and Canada
  • Competent and need-oriented consulting by Model

Mr Arnold: How did Dumet AG come to pack olives in Switzerland?

It all started in 1975. Ueli Dubs, the founder of the company, in his former profession as a policeman, looked after a Greek citizen during his naturalisation process. Fascinated by the Greek man's "business", it soon became clear to him that he also wanted to try his luck with olives in a stand-up pouch in Switzerland. No sooner said than done: Today, Dumet AG is the market leader in Switzerland and successfully exports to Germany, Austria and Canada.

Where does your enthusiasm for first-class olives come from?

I myself have only been with Dumet AG for eight years, but have been familiar with food from an early age. Having grown up in a gastronomy family and at home in the wine industry before joining Dumet AG, I have always been passionate about first-class food.

For those who don't know, what makes "Cielos" so special, what do they consist of?

Cielos is a genuine Swiss innovation. After 4 years of development, we have "invented" the olive in a crispy coat. For this we not only had to develop the complex recipe, but also the production machines ourselves. Cielos are air-dried olives in a crispy coat of rice flour. We start with four varieties: The two classics "Paprika" and "Onion Sour Cream”, a trendy "Chili Lemongrass" variant and an innovative "Pizza" variety.

How did the idea come about?

Ueli Dubs always had the vision of an olive according to the motto "soft on the inside and crisp on the outside". That is how a research project together with the University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil came into being very early on. From these results and a feasibility study, the first prototypes were developed, which we then enhanced in-house to market maturity.

How has Model convinced you?

Model has helped us to develop a simple and reliable shelf tray. In addition, we needed a display (as a second point of sale) that was easy and efficient to assemble, especially for the introduction. An absolute "must" for an SME with 20 employees. The competent and need-oriented consulting and implementation made our decision to work with Model easy.

What requirements do you place on your packaging supplier?

He must understand us, immerse himself in our product and our customers and not be afraid to take one, two or even more "rounds" until the final product agrees with us. It is also important for us that the supplier is flexible - whether in the order quantity or in that we can call off partial quantities.

Why Model?

At Model we feel their enthusiasm and commitment to offer us the "Dumet" solution. Together with Model we worked on crucial details until everyone was satisfied. I would also like to stress that from Model we never heard the words "This is not feasible".

What requirements did you place on the two packaging solutions?

Shelf ready packaging: Simple, resilient, reliable and cost-effective - Display: Easy to set up, efficient and reliable!

How were you supported during the project?

The first impression, the kind of support decides already at the onset whether we can envisage a closer cooperation or not. The support at Model is very good: On site by Mr Stäheli and in the office by Mrs Wiederkehr. At any time, we can sense that a 100% commitment is put into the contribution of ideas and efforts.

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Shelf ready packaging: Simple, resilient, reliable and cost-effective - Display: Easy to set up, efficient and reliable!
Josef Arnold
Managing Director, Dumet AG
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