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    Model internship interview - Connecting design worlds

    The latest winner of the Innovation Center award, which specializes in automotive design, talks about his packaging design internship at Model.

    Building on success in the Model Young Package

    Samuel Bratko won the Innovation Center Award and Online Award for his ice wine packaging design for Le Tosque. His exceptional achievement secured him an internship at the Innovation Center in Model Opava. Currently pursuing studies in Industrial and Transport Design, Samuel is embarking on the journey of establishing his own design studio.

    Beyond his passion for design, Samuel is an avid mountain biker and showcases his musical talents as a drummer. Hailing from central Slovakia, he now calls Bratislava home as he forges ahead with his career.

    Nová Baňa, Slovakia

    Samuel Bratko

    • Innovation Center Award winner
    • Online Award winner
    • Secondary Art School Josefa Vydru / Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
    1. What kind of design do you specialize in and what drives your passion for it?

    I'm currently studying transport design. This field encompasses the design of various modes of transportation, from cars and planes to bicycles – essentially anything that is used to get from point A to point B.

    This passion has been a following me throughout my life, since childhood. Even back then, I found myself captivated by the sleek lines and contours of cars, and I even invented my own imaginary brand.

    However, I also find great satisfaction in dedicating my designing other products, such as furniture and packaging.

    2. Which design studios or automotive manufacturers do you admire the most?

    In today's fast-paced consumer-driven landscape, there's a noticeable trend toward mass-produced designs that often lack the refinement and finesse of their predecessors. This sentiment is evident even in the designs of major automotive giants I once held in high regard.

    Given my appreciation for elegance, sporty aesthetics, and bold yet restrained design, my admiration belongs to companies like Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and most notably, Ferrari, where the design direction is steered by Flavio Manzoni. The vehicles they design are not just products but works of art.

    3. Automotive design is quite different from packaging design. How did you get involved in the Model Young Package competition?

    Well, I’m currently in high school studying art design, and our curriculum covers various aspects of industrial design, including both automotive and packaging design.

    Our technology teacher, Andrej Vágner, introduced us to the Model Young Package competition. He made it a graded project for our class.

    4. What part of the creative process is the most challenging for you?

    When designing a car, I primarily focus on shaping the product with a pen. It's all about the design, which can be quite bold – the production and technical details are handled by other teams later on.

    That's why packaging design is a challenge for me. Besides using a pen, I have to work with cutting tools, understand the properties and limitations of the materials, consider the production possibilities, and think about the technical aspects right from the start. This is where I encounter the biggest hurdles.

    5. You managed to design two packages during the competition. Did you approach the brief differently for each one?

    For the Le Tosque packaging, I took a sculptural approach. I aimed to create a shape that would capture the customer's attention and play with their perception through the illusion of curves and forms.

    For the second packaging, It's Beer o'Clock, I approached it as a "singular puzzle." My goal was to design a single piece that, when assembled creatively, would come together perfectly to form a functional package.

    6. How did the people around you react to your success in the competition?

    In MYP 2023, I won both the Innovation Center Award and the Online Award. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people voted for my proposal and reached out with their congratulations.

    I'm not exactly an influencer, so receiving dozens of positive messages all at once was unexpected. Naturally, there was a great response from my school and family too. The award really put me in the spotlight, especially in my community, and it also brought me some new contacts and job offers.

    7. You are now in your third week of your internship at Model in Opava. Has anything surprised you during your internship, either professionally or personally?

    In this company, the professional and personal aspects are deeply interconnected. From the moment I arrived, I was struck by the pleasant atmosphere and the strong company culture.

    Every employee I spoke with had the right attitude, which is impressive for a company of this size.

    I've been in similarly sized companies before, so the facilities didn't particularly surprise me. However, I was fascinated by how different departments collaborate seamlessly. On top of that, everyone is knowledgeable in their field and genuinely enjoys their work.

    8. What was your project during your internship?

    After conference calls with colleagues in Switzerland, we decided to further develop the Le Tosque packaging due to its eye-catching design and potential for various applications. Currently, we are working on adapting it for packaging perfume and champagne.

    9. The Sweets in the Box theme has been announced for next year's Model Young Package. Do you know yet if you will participate, and what kind of package you would like to design?

    I would definitely like to participate, but I don't have a specific idea yet.

    I expect to focus on representativeness and elegance again. However, given the theme, I might surprise myself and design something playful and colorful – after all, it's all about sweets.

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    I'm not exactly an influencer, so receiving dozens of positive messages all at once was unexpected.

    Samuel Bratko on the reaction to his success in the Model Young Package 2023

    The world of packaging has never been so exciting

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