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Our colleague Michael Schulz talks with us about the similarities between his hobby and his work at Model.

Living «The Extra in the Ordinary»

Football? Too ordinary. Imagine - while sitting on your bicycle - you would have to maneuver the ball into the opponent's goal by only using your wheels. This sport is called «cycle ball»

Our colleague Michael Schulz is one of a few people worldwide who practice this demanding sport. Of course, we wanted to know from him, how he came to this sport and what kind of similarities he connects with his work at Model. 


A true packaging pioneer

As a trained packaging mechanic, Michael Schulz experienced the groundbreaking transition from ink and ruler to computer-aided design in the 1990s. For about 20 years now he has been working in the work preparation department at Model Cardboard Hanau, where he is primarily involved in determining sheet formats and allowances.  

As a young man, Michael Schulz first came into contact with the sport through the local cycle ball club.

Passion and joy for over 44 years


I came to cycle ball by chance. When I was little, the cycle ball club in my home village organized a festival in which I took part. That was on a Saturday 44 years ago. Since then, I have been in training every Monday.

What makes cycle ball special for you?

I was fascinated by cycle ball from the very beginning. Football or handball - that was never really my cup of tea. Everyone did that and I think that was one reason why I preferred not to join a team. Cycle ball was and is still exotic. That counts also for my choice to become a packaging mechanic: Not a lot of people choose this career path, the job is a bit extraordinary.

During the interview, Michael Schulz emphasizes one striking similarity between his hobby and his work at Model.

«For me, the people on and off the pitch make the sport special.»

It is not only the sport itself but also the people you meet on and off the pitch that make the sport special for me. The interaction is very friendly, there are hardly any bad feelings. The vast majority of us play the sport for fun. Cycle ball is played with much respect for the other players and is yet tough. But never unfair. And that is what I like most about this sport. That is «the Extra» ... which also reminds me of my work at Model. I really enjoy the daily exchange with my colleagues at Model.


At the end of our conversation, Mr. Schulz describes how he views his daily tasks at Model.

«The Extra in the Ordinary»

At first sight, my tasks might seem to be always the same. Yet almost every assignment looks different. Even if sometimes only the small details make the difference. Recognizing these details and using them to my advantage - that is the art with which I can achieve the best result. And that is what makes my day-to-day work at Model exciting.  

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