Sustainable together: Paper Recycling with V-ZUG

Model Recover and the Swiss household appliance manufacturer V-ZUG are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their recycling cooperation.

Just old cardboard? No, valuable raw material

In Zug, in the heart of Switzerland, our customer V-ZUG AG develops household appliances for the kitchen and washroom – with the highest precision and future-oriented production technology. This quality awareness flows through the entire company. It has an effect right down to the responsible use of raw materials. Ten years ago, this resulted in successful cooperation with our Service Model Recover, which continues to this day. Like us at Model, V-ZUG recognized the extraordinary in used cardboard and the meaningfulness of the circular economy.


In 2022, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this recycling cooperation. The success story began in 2012 with V-ZUG buying eight small baling presses...

Paper Recycling with V-ZUG and Model

Invested in baling presses

At V-ZUG, the presses transform the old cardboard into bales that are easy to transport. The investment in baling presses paid for itself for the company after just one year. 

Successful for 10 years

A lighthouse project: V-ZUG appreciates the combination of economic and ecological considerations. As well as the lean processes and the straightforward cooperation.

Efficient processes

Baling presses are flexible. At V-ZUG, they are always where they are needed. The Recover service picks up the cardboard bales regularly and Model credits the customer with the market price.

Model Recover: Benefits for our Customers


With the Model Recover service, old cardboard becomes new paper in a short way. The clever logistics avoids empty runs because Model delivers goods and takes your old cardboard directly back with it. This also convinces end customers, who are increasingly paying attention to sustainable logistics processes: «We really have a measurable, positive, ecological impact thanks to a living circular economy,» explains Marcel Niederberger from V-ZUG.


Paper recycling is cost-efficient: On the one hand, because the investment in baling presses pays for itself extremely quickly. For V-ZUG, for example, after just one year.

On the other hand, because we at Model can offer a better price for your used cardboard than an intermediary: Thanks to the closed paper cycle, we optimize logistics sustainably, reduce empty truck journeys and costs. The Model Recover service analyzes your internal collection logistics and creates a pick-up plan that fits perfectly into your processes.


Model Recover optimizes paper recycling in the company. Kevin Stroh, Category Manager at V-ZUG, describes this impressively: «When we didn't have the small baling presses, the boxes were thrown into a pallet frame and transported into the large baler. Today we dispose of the old cardboard directly where it is produced. This increases our efficiency enormously.»

Also convenient: Model Recover customers have only one contact person and can easily buy and sell cardboard from Model. 

Effect inwards

«I think it's very important that the awarness of employees is also sharpened in this topic,» says Marcel Niederberger. «We have 2 200 employees and thus a great opportunity to act responsibly on such sustainable issues. The more one is inspired and positively influenced at work, the more one's actions change in private life. A sustainable company has a signal effect.»

«We supply raw material (waste cardboard from production) to our packaging supplier Model, which in turn produces recycled cardboard for our equipment packaging. This is a circular economy in its purest form and reduces the ecological footprint.» – Marcel Niederberger, Head of Sustainability at V-ZUG AG

Paper Recycling Professionals


Satisfied Recover customer

«It works smoothly,» says Marcel Niederberger, describing the collaboration with Model Recover. He is Head of Sustainability at V-ZUG AG and focuses on the ecological footprint of his company. Efficient processes are absolutely essential to sustainable action. That's why Niederberger appreciates the short distances of waste cardboard: «The balers are located in the buildings where cardboard is produced, for example in production and logistics. The locations are adapted to V-ZUG's processes. The pressed bales wait centrally next to the cardboard warehouse until Model Recover picks them up.»

Model Recover

Waste cardboard in good hands

The short path of the cardboard boxes, which the Model Group buys from the customer, continues. On the Recover service truck, the recyclable material travels to its next destination: the nearby Model plant. Here, paper recycling professionals take care of the waste cardboard and turn it into new paper. Thanks to the reliable collection of even smaller quantities (2-3x per week), V-ZUG does not need a large warehouse for used cardboard. Our warehouse at Model is all the more generous for this.

Model Group

Our paper cycle

At Model, we produce packaging in a closed loop and, thanks to this circular economy, work together with our customers to counteract the waste of energy and resources. 430 000 tons of used cardboard, 90 percent of which are from Switzerland, pass through our three paper machines in Niedergösgen and Weinfelden every year. The family-run company Model is the only Swiss packaging manufacturer with its own systems for paper production.

V-ZUG and Model

Sustainable cooperation

Together with Model Recover, V-ZUG measurably reduces the ecological footprint and is part of a sustainable circular economy. «The project with Model is exemplary for us and we are in the process of identifying similar recycling projects with other suppliers,» reveals Marcel Niederberger. The cooperation is enormously positive for both sides, because we at Model benefit from the delivery of the used cardboard and feed it into our recycling process. True to our credo: «Waste paper is not waste, but a raw material,» as Daniel Model, CEO of the Model Group, emphasizes. 

Paper Recycling with Model Recover

Your sustainable service

Benefit from our Recover service: Optimize your recycling processes and actively contribute to the circular economy.

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