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    Refrigerated shipping packaging: delivery, the Cheezy Way

    Shipping high-quality food is becoming increasingly popular as an e-commerce business model. The start-up Cheezy relies on Model's innovative Thermo shipping packaging for its selected Swiss cheeses.

    The «Cheese Box» – secure refrigerated shipping packaging

    Local, customer-oriented, cheese-loving: the start-up Cheezy lets customers order fine Swiss cheeses online in a custom ‘Cheese Box’ and have them safely delivered to their homes. Sounds simple – but it’s not easy.

    The solution to the cheese cooling problem

    Shipping a food like cheese is a challenge. The cold chain must not be interrupted at any time, so that the customer receives the product intact and with no loss of quality. The new company Cheezy was looking for the right thermal packaging. It failed with many refrigerated off-the-shelf packaging solutions – and has now succeeded with the perfectly tailored, cost-effective solution from Model.

    Innovative refrigerated packaging for food


    Of course, the Cheezy Thermo shipping packaging naturally comply with all hygiene standards for food.

    Thinking outside the box

    Why not replace a thermal pack with a frozen water bottle? This brings end customers an extra benefit and is more sustainable.


    Shipping refrigerated goods with easy recycling: the entire Cheese Box can go in the paper bin after use.

    «As a Swiss food delivery start-up, it was important for us to work with a Swiss packaging specialist. Model was with us the whole way to find the right packaging solution including cooling for our cheese. We appreciate their enormous flexibility and excellent collaboration.»

    Michel Sägesser, Managing Director of Cheezy (swissmooh GmbH)

    Model thermal packaging for Cheezy

    The task

    Smart shipping of refrigerated goods


    Cheezy wanted a solution for online product sales that would work flawlessly and delight end customers. Particularly important: the premium cheeses must maintain their quality during shipping. The task for Model: developing a personalised outer packaging – including pads and cooling – and keeping costs low. This was achieved through a smart combination of our versatile standard packaging solutions. We were also able to provide Cheezy with additional assistance thanks to our start-up programme.


    Recyclable insulating packaging

    Flax fleece


    Cheezy had already tried out suppliers and insulation for refrigerated cheese shipping. No matter whether polystyrene, hemp or silvery cooler bags, the cheese became moist or too warm in the packaging. Model packaging expert Richard Rubin finally came up with the brilliant idea: the ‘flax fleece sleeping bag’. ‘Flax fleece releases moisture instead of storing it, all while insulating,’ explains Rubin. To make the insulated packaging 100% recyclable, Model negotiated with the manufacturer of the flax fleece. The result: end customers can now dispose of the entire Cheese Box in the paper recycling bin after use.


    Keeping its cool

    Water bottle


    To guarantee the Swiss cheese’s quality throughout shipping, Cheezy needed a cooling element – at best, a sustainable and straightforward one. Our employees successfully thought outside the box and came up with a special packaging solutioneach cheese box comes with two to three frozen 0.5 l water bottles. This means that the fine cheeses remain well chilled for up to 32 hours, even in a hot post box. End customers can also enjoy the free drinks.

    Fits in the parcel box

    Outer packaging


    The following applies to the Cheezy packaging solution: the cheese box must fit into the standard-sized Swiss parcel box. The postal worker should be able to store the box easily to avoid delays or theft. In addition, the cheese box must be stackable and waterproof. Sturdy corrugated cardboard, a simple tear tape (self-adhesive closure) and the snappy Cheezy branding make the outer packaging an optimal e-commerce packaging for postal delivery.

    The Model way of packaging

    Experience and Enthusiasm


    «We were passionate about the project from the beginning», comments model packaging expert Richard Rubin. «For Cheezy, we combined our Model Standard packaging in such a way that it meets the customer's requirements exactly. Over the past two years, we have optimised and personalised the packaging together. Today we're in touch every month to check what we can improve.»  

    We supported Cheezy with:

    • Comprehensive consulting (including on the Foodstuffs Act)
    • Start-up Program
    • 12 test deliveries
    • Recycling tests
    • Detailed examination of the test results

    «For our team, Cheezy refrigerated shipping packaging was a wonderful challenge,» says Rubin. «Our employees have contributed their experience and ideas to the best solution. We're proud of what we’ve accomplished with Cheezy.»  


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