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    Successful debut of Model Opakowania

    Polish activities were appreciated in the nationwide report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices".

    Good Practices in 3 plants

    As many as 10 good practices implemented by Model Opakowania were included in the annual report of the Responsible Business Forum. This is the maximum number that a company could submit to this prestigious nationwide publication.  The presented projects are key activities carried out by the company in Bilgoraj, Czosnów and Nowa Sol.

    1,705 good practices provided by 272 companies

    The Responsible Business Forum, the largest and longest-running organization dealing with CSR and ESG in a comprehensive manner, annually publishes the report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices." The main part of the publication is a summary of CSR and sustainable development activities carried out by companies in the previous year.

    The current, twenty-first edition presents a record number of 1,705 good practices provided by 272 companies. Among them were 10 practices submitted by Model Opakowania, which entered the list for the first time.

    Projects supporting social involvement and community development played a dominant role in this year's report. Of the 477 entries, 9 were activities implemented by Model Opakowania. Against this backdrop, the "MODEL Your Dreams" competition definitely stands out.

     Since 2013 it has been supporting the development of young talents from Bilgoraj and Czosnow counties, and soon from Nowa Sól. The largest, almost threefold increase in applications was recorded in the area of human rights, for which as many as 282 practices were qualified this year. One of these was the "Portrait Without Barriers" project, which Model Opakowania has been accompanying from the beginning, supporting the breaking down of prejudice against people with intellectual disabilities.

    The full list of good practices of Model Opakowania published in the report is presented below:

    1. The "Model Your Dreams" competition.

    2. The Santa Claus Swimming Competition

    3. The Run for the Defenders of Modlin

    4. Autumn Leaf Day

    5. Oxford debates by BTK

    6. Portrait without Barriers by ZSS

    7. Safe Preschooler with a Model

    8. The "Capital of the Polish Language" Festival

    9. The grant fund

    10. Food banks

    Details in the report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices".

    Model Opakowania has for years been creating its own initiatives and engaging in projects supporting sustainable development goals. It works for equality, education and equal opportunities. It promotes innovation, creativity and development, with respect for other people and the environment.

    Full version of raport you can find here (PL)  

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