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    Coffee Mania

    Model Young Package 2018

    Winning Concepts

    Design a package that responds to the ever present coffee phenomena! The theme of the competition is Coffee Mania and we are calling creative people to design a package not only for coffee by itself but for everything that belongs to it. This year could win dessert plates, cups, saucers, coffee sets but for example also packaging for a favorite product with the theme of coffee that appears in the graphic design.

    University students and young designers of any age

    Concepts by university students and designers of any age.

    The most striking design of the competition is the set of compostable coffee capsules from Veronika Janečková from the Czech Republic. Disposable capsules for coffee machines are a huge burden for the environment, because of the proportion of plastic and aluminum they are very poorly recyclable. The author comes up with a solution of 100% recyclable compostable capsules that are made from kitchen waste converted into a new bioplastic-like material. Its basic building element is recycled pulp, supplemented with various binders such as coffee grounds. The ingredients for making capsules are chosen to be safely thrown into compost. The jury awarded Veronica Janečková the main prize for a “visionary ecological approach”, as well as a capped sample of the capsules.

    With an innovative idea, Chia Chun Chuang and Pei Chun Hsueh (Taiwan) have come up with their design of full-length coffee cups. They respond to the fact that the “paper” crucibles are often equipped with an impermeable plastic layer and a plastic lid, and thus pose a similar burden to the environment as plastic crucibles, and the team came up with a solution to produce 100% recyclable paper cups, including a watertight lid. up to “fascinating product simplicity” and easy manipulation, and the winner is also given the opportunity to take a paid internship at Model Obaly’s Innovation Center, which organizes the competition.

    Karol Krčmár from Slovakia has designed another product, which is usually made of plastic – the coffee cup tray. His design, made from KRAFT paperboard, was jury, especially with “simplicity, grace and ease of manipulation”. Its tray is easy and fast to fold from the original flat roll onto the tray with four holes for coffee cups and back again. The jury liked that the designer, defining how the paper behaves beautifully as a material, is soft at a certain stage, and by simply bending it becomes rigid construction material to support the function that is given to it. ”

    The special award of CZECHDESIGN, which co-organizes the competition, was won by Marcin M. Kumorek from Poland for an exclusive range of coffee packages. Different colors and window shapes divide two types of coffee – Robusta and Arabica. The package is ergonomically adapted for holding in one hand. Thanks to the sophisticated shape and holes at the top of the product, the packaging can be presented on both the counter, the stand and the wall. The product was particularly interested in “constructive playfulness and precision, which is not so innovative but purely processed”. Jan Činčera adds: “The proposal can show how each job should be approached – ie. to re-shape and work with the material unimpeded, rejoicing in the fact that the bending of the paper creates a spatial shape. The combination of a sharp line with a soft one results in a crystal-clear package. ”

    Petr Matoušů from the Czech Republic won the special prize of the jury chairman, who in his work tackles the problem of storing coffee filters. A simple paper wrapper, essentially copying the shape of the filter, is designed so that the top of the package can be used as its stand.

    High schools

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

    At the beginning of this category, it should be noted that the first place was not awarded this year (on the grounds that the submitted work did not reach the required level by its quality). However, this does not mean that interesting ideas have not appeared between the entries. Lucia Šuliková from the Czech Republic won 2nd prize for designing a gift set for coffee from different parts of the world. Six boxes in one package each containing 250 g of select coffee beans.

    Third place was won by Alžbeta Putnoky from Slovakia for a fun graphic design of coffee bags. Using finely-structured paper and tracing paper, she created a series of packages whose central theme is sheep and a funny quotation of the “Let’s See You Evening” or “Your Sheep Drink With You”. The message is clear: if you get over with the coffee, the sheep will count it in the evening!

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